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AMUL Full Form Name: What is the Meaning of Amul

AMUL Full Form: Anand Milk Union Limited

AMUL Full Form is Anand Milk Union Limited. AMUL is a cooperative dairy that was established in a little town called Anand of Kaira District, Gujarat, in 1946. Currently, it is the largest dairy in India in terms of manufacturing milk products and milk. It created an amazing economic network, which links milk producers of several villages to reach out to millions of citizens who consume milk all over India.

Some of the core products of AMUL include; butter, milk, chocolate, shrikhand, milk powders, dahi, paneer, Ice cream, cheese, flavored milk and more. It is a brand which is run by GCMMF or Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. White revolution happened in India because of Amul. This has aided India to be one of the world’s biggest producers of milk products and milk.

Full Form of AMUL: Additional Information

Amul is basically a dairy cooperative in India. Its head office can be found in Gujarat. Its base was established in the year 1946. The GCMMF is responsible for the management of this brand. In Gujarat, it is owned jointly by more than three million milk producers. The White Revolution in India was spurred by this cooperation. This revolution helped in making India the biggest producer of milk as well as milk products throughout the globe. It is currently the biggest food brand in the nation. Its operations extend overseas. The revenue of this cooperation, during the years 2014 and 2015, was over three billion dollars. Apart from over three million members employed for producing milk, it also has over seven hundred members in its marketing segment.

Products of AMUL

Amul produces a wide range of products. This includes basundi, gulab jamuns, shrikhand, ice cream, buttermilk, dahi, ghee, and milk. It is also famous for its flavored milk, paneer, cream, chocolate, yogurt, cheese, butter and milk powders. A brown beverage is recently launched by it, referred to as the Amul Pro.  It is similar to Horlicks and Bournvita and provides essential nutrients and proteins. It launched the first sports drink in India, which is called Stamina in the year 2006. The main competitors of this sports drink include Gatorade by PepsiCo and Powerade by Coca-Cola.

Another Amul product offered by this cooperation is Mithai Mate. Its competitor is Nestlé’s Milkmaid. A brand of chocolate milk was launched by Amul in the year 2007, and it is referred to as Cool Koko. This extended its range in the segment of milk products. Some of its other brands include Amul Kool, Cool Cafe, and Masti Butter Milk. Amul Kool is a thirst-quenching drink of low-calorie. Cool Cafe is a ready-to-drink coffee. The milk fat is used for making ice creams of Amul. It also sells probiotic and sugar-free ice creams which are quite popular.

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 Amul Model : Full Form of Amul

The cooperative structure of the Amul model consists of three tiers. There is an affiliation formed between the milk union and dairy cooperative society, which is at the village level. Similarly, the federation of the milk union, which is at the district level, is done to form a milk federation. The federation is formed at the state level. At the dairy society of the villages, the collection of milk is done, followed by its processing at the milk union. The milk federation is responsible for the marketing of the milk products. The evolution of this structure took place in Gujarat. Its replication was done throughout India under the program known as the operation flood. It is popularly referred to as the Anand Pattern or the Amul Model.

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