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Full Form of APM: Advanced Power Management

APM Full Form is Advanced Power Management. Advanced Power Management is an application programming interface developed jointly by Microsoft and Intel to achieve power management. Basically, it allows an OS (operating system) running an IBM-compatible PC (personal computer) to interact with (or) work with any basic input/output system (BIOS) to achieve this power management. The APM is designed to control the power use of the system. Until the system goes to sleep state.

Approach used by advanced power management: APM Full Form

There is layered approach which is used to manage the device.  The application includes a device driver that talks to an operating system-specific APM driver. The APM-aware BIOS controls the hardware. The controller communicates with this aware BIOS and power management is sent to the APM controller from Bios. The controller sends information by calling the function. The APM controller acts as an intermediary between the BIOS and the operating system.

Power control states: Full Form of APM

Two power control states include; (1) Based on device activity, APM BIOS manages power in the background. From OEM, it provides APM BIOS and is hardware platform specific. (2) By calling a function to the APM software interface, the APM controller manages power.


There are 5 system power states-

States are created based on the latency required for the system to power up to an operational state.


Fully On – Higher power consumption in this state. No power management is performed in this state.

APM Enabled – No power management is performed on some unused devices, but the system is operating in this state.

APM Standby – The system is idle for a short period and enters this state.

APM Suspend: Inactive for an extended period and the system enters this state. It takes too long to go to enable state from sleep state.

Off – CPU clock stops in this state.

Popular Full Form of APM:

Full Form of APM                                                                         Field of Application

  • Advanced Power Management                                                 Hardware
  • Analog Panel Meter                                                                        Hardware
  • Available Physical Memory                                                          Hardware
  • Applications Portability Module                                                 Hardware
  • Asynchronous Payload Mappe                                                  Computing
  • Adaptive Packet Marking                                                             Networking
  • Amplitude and Phase Modulation                                            Networking
  • Access Policy Manager                                                                  Networking
  • Apple Partition Map                                                                       Information Technology
  • Application Policy Manager                                                         Information Technology
  • Additional Packet Mode Bearer Service                                 Information Technology
  • Australian Police Medal                                                                 Government
  • Mechanized Artillery Transport                                                 Military
  • Anti-Personnel Mine                                                                      Military
  • Aircraft Power Monitor                                                                 Military
  • Acoustic Protective Measures                                                    Military
  • Army Program Memorandum                                                    Military
  • Airborne Particulate Matter                                                        Military
  • All Pilots Meeting                                                                             Military
  • Antenna Pointing Management                                                     Military
  • Attached Pressurized Module                                                    Science
  • Anti Parallax Mirror                                                                         Science
  • Argument Principle Method                                                       Science
  • Atmospheric Pressure Mass Spectroscopy                           Science
  • Aluminum Powder Metallurgy                                                   Metallurgy
  • Association for Psychoanalytic Medicine                                 Organization
  • Association for Project Management                                      Organization
  • Association of Podiatrists of Malta                                           Organization
  • Association for Psychoanalytic Medicine                                 Organization
  • Administered Pricing Mechanism                                             Business
  • Assistant Production Manager                                                   Business
  • Asset Performance Management                                            Business
  • Automatic Pricing Mechanism                                                    Business
  • Affordable Property Management                                          Business
  • Airport Passenger Management                                                Business
  • Aircraft Performance Monitoring                                              Aviation
  • Average Pink Man                                                                           Funny Expansion
  • Anti Patter Matchers                                                                      Funny Expansion

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