ASTM Full Form: ASTM Meaning

Full Form of ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials

ASTM Full Form is American Society for Testing and Materials. ASTM is one of the worlds biggest International Standards Organizations. It is responsible for developing and publishing unanimous standards for various products, materials, services, and systems. It was Charles Benjamin Dudley along with a group of engineers and scientists formed ASTM in 1898. This was formed in order to address the rail breaks that frequently happened during that time, which was affecting the growth of the railroad industry.

Initially, ASTM developed certain standards for manufacturing steel from which the rails were fabricated. Currently, ASTM is called ASTM International since 2001. It has offices in Canada, Belgium, Mexico, China, and Washington DC. It welcomes membership from anyone who is interested in its activities.

ASTM Full Form ; Additional Information

The ASTM is a global organization and is engaged in developing as well as publishing technical standards for numerous systems, materials, services and products. Many standards of this organization are used all over the world. The number of such standards amounts to over twelve thousand. Its head office is present in Pennsylvania. Charles Dudley founded the ASTM in the year 1898. It has over thirty thousand members, which includes the top business professionals as well as technical experts of the world.

These members represent over a hundred nations. They are responsible for the creation of guides, specifications, test methods, classifications, practices, etc. for supporting the governments and industries throughout the globe.The offices of this organization are also present in Peru, Canada, Washington Dc, China, and Belgium.

Organization of ASTM

A board of directors is responsible for the management of the ASTM. There are numerous board committees, and they are engaged in covering the activities of the technical committees, finances, the overall system of voluntary standards and society development. The organization development includes public relations, membership, promotion, new activities of development, biennial updating of the LPR, etc.

Several separate committees are related closely to the ASTM. These include COS, COT, COP, and COTCO. The COTCO is responsible for the regulations and operations of other committees, COT covers the consistency and uniformity of standards, and COS is responsible for overseeing the due process and procedural requirements.

The technical committee forms of the core of this organization. The popular technical committees include petroleum, non-ferrous metals, nuclear, space technology, air pollution, resource recovery, steel, concretes and cement, paint, solar, water and environmental effects. Some of the other not-so-well-known committees consist of food service equipment, forensic sciences, computerized systems, orthotics, football helmets, amusement devices, sensory evaluation, poultry and meat, fire standards, medical devices, sports equipment, skiing, etc.


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