BCA Full Form : BCA Course

BCA Full Form in English: BCA Course Full Form Name is Bachelor of Computer Application. BCA is a 3-year bachelor’s degree in computer languages ​​and applications. Any candidate who has passed Grade 12 (10 + 2) / HSC (Upper Secondary Certificate) or Diploma is qualified to join the BCA course. However, some colleges do conduct entrance exams and have restrictions on the minimum score requirements. This degree allows a student to immediately join a software company upon graduation. Sometimes there are interviews on campus through which good companies suck up students.

Full Form of BCA Course: Bachelor of Computer Application

BCA graduates can work as network administrators, web designers, database administrators, software programmers, multimedia programmers, etc. Having completed BCA, a student can also opt for higher studies, including MCA (Master of Computer Applications) or MBA (Master of Business Administration). The main objective of the course is to acquire good knowledge in the core areas of industrial informatics. The course includes the essentials of software and hardware. It also equips the student with the necessary skills to carry out a proper synthesis and analysis of information systems and computer systems.


BCA Full Form – Important Information

BCA Course In today’s world, man has become more dependent on machines and more so if that machine helps to do most of the work that has to be done manually. If someone asks you “What would you consider an integral part of your existence?” The answer would be “computers, of course”, as they help reduce many manual tasks.


Definition of computer applications

Computer applications refer to the various fields of information technology such as programming, networking, application development, etc. Computer knowledge is a very broad field and there is a lot to learn to master the machine. There are many subtopics in computer applications that require in-depth knowledge to be able to solve any technical problems that may arise during the operation of the machine. The computer helps to solve many of our daily problems in a simpler way. However, it is essential to train the computer through programming so that the task is effortless.

So in computer applications, one can learn various programming languages, software development and testing, etc. It is not mandatory that all computers have a similar operating system. There are varieties of Linux, UNIX, Windows, and Mac OS (for Apple products) and therefore it is essential that a person dealing with computers has a thorough understanding of the differences in these systems.


A computer is a machine that feeds the data we process. Being a machine, you need proper guidance through data analysis, data pooling, etc. and then it can give us the desired result. As a systems analyst, a person needs to understand the professional link to the information system and only on that basis can a company run its business smoothly.


BCA – Bachelor of Computer Application

With the current boom in information technology, more young people are drawn to this field of IT management. The Bachelor of Computer Applications course is offered by many universities in India. At the same time, it is also planned to carry out this course through external studies (distance learning). Some open universities offering this BCA course Example :

1- Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU),

2- Lovely Professional University of Distance Education,

3- Sikkim Manipal University

4- Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning

5- Punjab Technical University

6- Deen Dayal University


The essential thing to join this course is that the student must have passed 10 + 2 with a minimum aggregate of 45%. Of course, admission criteria vary from institute to institute. However, these are the basic requirements. The Bachelor of Computer Applications is a 3-year degree course and spans 6 semesters. Each semester is graded on a credit basis and there are predestined credits that will be covered during these 3 years.


The undergraduate course is designed to familiarize students with industrial informatics and important areas of computer science. It trains the person to efficiently handle computer programming and software development with the acquisition of experience in the design and implementation of the program. In addition to this, the student also learns to tackle problems related to the computer system and applications. In short, it can be said that this degree aims to prepare the student with the basic knowledge to enter the field of information technology (IT).


Details about BCA  Course Syllabus

First Semester:

To begin with, in the first semester, the student is taught advanced math and communication skills in English. There is an introduction to the Internet and multimedia and general information on computer applications. An introduction to C programming.


Second semester:

The second semester has studies related to data management, basic computer organization, understanding the structure of files and data, and some advanced programming in C ++. In computing organization, one learns the hardware and software part. This second semester includes various memory systems: RAM, ROM, Flash memory, DROM, etc. It also takes care of virtual memory and cache. Input and output devices like modem, keyboard, mouse, monitor, scanner, printer etc. are studied. This allows the student to understand the sequence and operation of the computer and also helps to understand the various terms used in IT.


Third semester:

The third semester enlightens on Linux operating system, Visual Basic, Oracle and database management, fundamental accounting and finance management, etc.


Fourth semester:

In the fourth semester topics such as Java programming, how to design and manage a website, VC ++, understanding of organizational and management processes and finally software development and quality control, etc. are covered.


Fifth semester:

The fifth semester goes into details about PC parts and their preventive care, study of different operating systems, installation and configuration of Windows 2000, network and server management, etc.

Sixth semester:

In the sixth semester, there is an overview of various networking concepts with details on GUI, security, and management such as login security, firewall, registry management, etc. There is a study of data mining and data warehousing and much more. After these studies, there is a project to work on to gain practical experience in various technical aspects learned.


Career Outreach for BCA  Course Aspiring

As mentioned above, information technology is here to stay for a long time to come, thus giving a broad scope to students of computer engineering and computer applications. Jobs are available based on your area of ​​expertise and concentration.


One can start as a junior programmer and move up to the higher level. Large IT companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Wipro, Infosys, IBM, etc. they are hiring designers and software developers. As a systems analyst, there are vacancies at multinational giants like P&G, Citibank, etc. There are positions for trainers and developers at training institutes such as NIIT or CISCO.


Information technology has many avenues in which a person can search for work. The course develops the social skills of the person and encourages effective communication, trains to be analytical and confident in problem-solving, brushing up on math skills and calculation skills, and ensures that the student is fully capable of handling any related problems. with the computer with enthusiasm and confidence.

Advantages of BCA Course

The BCA course foresees a promising future in any specialization or concentration such as programming, software development, systems analysis, etc. Computerization is common in many large and small business establishments. Therefore, there is a constant need for experts and knowledgeable people to handle daily activities and maintenance. Without a person skilled in operating the machine, a layman cannot do much in the sense of programming, data management, etc. Therefore, it is an open field of opportunity for the right candidate with knowledge of computer applications.


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