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CHC Full form: CHC’s full name is Community Health Center.

CHC Full Form: Community Health Centres

A health center, health center, or community health center is one of a network of clinics staffed by a group of general practitioners and nurses who provide health care services to people in a given area. Typically covered services are family practice and dental care, but some clinics have expanded tremendously and may include internal medicine, pediatrics, women’s care, family planning, pharmacy, optometry, lab tests, and more. In countries with universal healthcare, most people use health centers.

In countries without universal health care, clients include people who are uninsured, underinsured, low-income, or who live in areas where there is little access to primary health care. In Central and Eastern Europe, the largest health centers are commonly called polyclinics (not to be confused with polyclinics).

CHCs are being established and maintained by the state government under the MNP / BMS program.

According to the minimum standards, a CHC must be led by four medical specialists, ie surgeon, physician, gynecologist and pediatrician supported by 21 paramedics and other staff members. It has 30 beds at the door with an OT, X-ray, delivery room and laboratory facilities.

It serves as a referral center for 4 PHCs and also offers facilities for obstetric care and specialized consultations.

As of March 31, 2019, there are 5,335 CHCs in operation in rural areas of the country. A significant increase is observed in the states of Uttar Pradesh (293), Tamil Nadu (350), West Bengal (253), Rajasthan (245), Odisha (146), Jharkhand (124), and Kerala (121). CHC Hospital Full Form

The% of CHC in Govt. buildings has increased from 91.6% in 2005 to 99.3% in 2019.

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