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Full Form of CPT: Common Proficiency Test

CPT Full Form is a Common Proficiency Test. With the revolutionary new trends in education and better scope for a career in the fields of commerce and commerce, many students have taken up Public Accounting majors. However, to be a certified public accountant, there are several tests that must be passed. Also, CPT is the first level of CA exams in India. In order to take this test, a student must have passed grade 12 of any current.


The Common Proficiency Test consists of two hundred multiple-choice objective questions and its study plan is divided into four basic sections which are: Accounting, Business Law, Economics, and Quantitative Aptitude. a great command of mathematics. To qualify for the test, a candidate must achieve a minimum of 30 percent in each section and a minimum of 50% in total.


For each incorrect answer given in the test, a negative score of 0.25 is made from the marks obtained by the candidate who appears. Accounting is the most important subject of all in this test and carries a total of sixty points out of two hundred. To pass the CPT, students receive special training and prepare well in advance.


CPT Full Form Medical : Current Procedural Terminology

CPT Full Form in Medical: CPT full Form is Current Procedural Terminology. CPT is a set of medical codes used to report diagnostic, surgical, and medical procedures and services to companies such as physicians, health insurance companies, and accredited companies. CPT codes are used in conjunction with the ICD-9-CM or ICD-10-CM numerical diagnostic coding during the electronic medical billing process.

Commonly used CPT codes

The six most commonly used CPT codes for medical billing are as follows:


  • New Patient Office Visit Codes – Codes used to bill patients who have never been seen by any doctor of the same specialty within the same group in the last three years;
  • Established Patient Office Visit Codes – Used to bill patients who have been seen by a doctor of the same specialty within the same group before in the last three years;
  • Initial hospital care codes for new or established patients – used to bill patients admitted to a hospital;
  • subsequent hospital care codes;
  • emergency department visit codes; Y
  • Office Lookup Codes – Used for patients seeking a doctor’s opinion at the request of another doctor.


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