Full Form of B.Ed

Full Form of B.Ed : Bachelor of Education

B.Ed Full Form is Bachelor of Education. There are numerous universities throughout India that offer degree programs for those who wish to pursue a career in teaching. This degree program is known as a B.Ed or Bachelor of Education. This is basically a professional course. B.Ed course duration is 2 years. Many open universities also offer this course through distance education. The duration of these courses is from 2 to 5 years.


The subject of this degree is designed to provide essential training on the aspects involved in face-to-face teaching. The subjects taught by graduate students in the art field of this bachelor’s degree include English, geography, history, etc. Those who graduate in the field of science from this degree include biology, physics, chemistry, etc. hands-on training to familiarize them with the many classroom settings and techniques for handling them.


Eligibility Criteria for B.Ed Course

Students wishing to pursue B.Ed study programs must pass the eligibility criteria. To enter this degree program, the student must have a B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) or B.Sc (Bachelor of Science) or BA (Bachelor of Arts) degree. These should be awarded by a recognized and authentic university or board. The student must obtain at least fifty percent of grades as a percentage of his grade.


There are several entrance exams conducted by independent educational bodies, colleges and universities. Students gain admission to these educational bodies according to their ranks on these exams. They are usually held in June or July. Results are declared in the month of August. During the degree programs, in addition to the theoretical classes, extensive practical courses are also taught.

Entrance Exam for B.Ed admission

The main entrance exam taken to enter the B.Ed degree program is the B.Ed CET. This entrance exam is used for the selection of eligible candidates who can enter the courses of this degree. It takes place across India at various assigned centers. There are certain criteria for those who wish to take this exam.


A candidate who does not have any teaching experience must possess a graduate degree or at least a graduate degree from a genuine and recognized university. The graduation rate for students in the general category must be at least fifty percent. A candidate who has already taught must have at least two years of teaching experience. You must provide a certificate of experience for the same. The service provided by him or her must be full time from a reputable school.

B.Ed Exam Pattern

The CET exam is divided into three parts. The first part is devoted to General English and consists of twenty five questions. The second part deals with general knowledge and teaching skills and has fifteen and ten questions respectively. For the last part, the student must select one of the given subjects: mathematics, physics, biological sciences, zoology, geography, civics, English, economics, history, social studies, botany and chemistry.


The material selected in the third part does not affect the selection. All candidates must attempt part two and part one. The objective type questions are provided in the document. Application forms for this exam can be submitted directly or through online mode. Candidates can choose Hindi or English as the exam language.


Preparation tips for the B.Ed exam

The first part assesses the candidates’ English language skills. The section asks questions about voices, synonyms, verb tenses, sentence correction, etc. To pass this section with great success, it is necessary to consult the basic English books. Candidates must test themselves by taking mock tests online. This will help evaluate your position in this section.


The second section assesses the candidate’s conscience in terms of current events, general politics, geography, etc. It also assesses the candidate’s basic teaching skills. To fully prepare for this section, the newspaper should be read every day. There are several books available in the markets that are dedicated to teaching skills. These will greatly assist in the preparation of this section. For the last section, the syllabus must be understood correctly. Candidates must submit questionnaires from previous years.

Career Options for B.Ed degree holders

The main career option for students seeking a B.Ed degree is school-level teaching. This is because this course is designed to meet all of the teacher’s requirements at the high school level. In addition to teaching, there are also other options for B.Ed students. A student must obtain a graduate degree in the subject that he wishes to teach in the upper classes.


Another option is to pursue an M.Ed, which provides advanced study in the field of education. Alternatively, a student can also become an educational writer and publish their publications on websites, magazines, newspapers, and magazines. Thus, areas in which education bachelor’s degree holders can make a successful career include content writers, private professors, government professors, and educational management and consulting.


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