What is the Full Form of CRPF

Full Form of CRPF : Central Reserve Police Force

CRPF Full Form is Central Reserve Police Force. It is the largest Armed Police Force in India. It functions under the MHA or Ministry of Home Affairs of the Indian Government. The primary role of CRPF is to assist the union territories and state governments with policy operations, law maintenance, as well as to counter-insurgency. The name CRPF was derived from the term Crown Representative’s Police or CRP. It was formed in the year 1939. It was renamed as CRPF in the year 1949. Currently, CRPF is the largest organization in paramilitary.

He actively takes care of the security of the whole of India. It also operates as a part of the UN peacekeeping missions. Several responsibilities are assigned including election duties, VIP security, countering Naxal operations, and guarding vital installations.


CRPF Full Form – Additional Information

The biggest CAPF or Central Armed Police Forces of India is called the CRPF or Central Reserve Police Force. It’s functioning comes under the MHA or Ministry of Home Affairs of the Indian Government. The primary role of the CRPF is to help the Union as well as the State Territories in maintaining the law and for countering insurgency. It was established in the year 1939 and was initially called the Representative Police of the Crown.  The CRPF Act passed in the year 1949 gave the present name to CRPF.


The other roles of the CRPF are also very vital. This fact holds especially true during the elections. It is used heavily in the troubled states of India, such as the North-eastern states, Bihar, and Kashmir. For example, it maintained the arrangements of high security in the parliamentary elections that took place in the year 1999. Currently, the United Nation is also using the contingents of the CRPF of India in its several missions.


Organization of CRPF

The head of the CRPF is the DG or Director General. He or she is an officer in the Police Services in India. The CRPF is segmented into ten sectors. The head of each sector is an Inspector General. There are 1 or more operational as well as administrative ranges in each sector. The director of each range is an officer, whose rank is same as that of the DIG or Deputy Inspector General of the Police. The DIGs are also the heads of the Group Centres. An officer of the Revenue Services of India holds the post of the CRPF’s financial advisor and possesses the Join Secretary rank.


The DY advisors from the Indian Telecom as well as the Accounts and Audit Services, and Civil Account Services are also employed. The CRPF consists of nearly two hundred and thirty-two battalions. Each battalion consists of nearly twelve hundred constables. The Commandant commands each battalion. Additionally, it has seven companies. There are close to one hundred and thirty-five men in every company. An Assistant Commandant is the head of each company.


RAF Full Form– Rapid Action Force

The CRPF has a separate wing for certain specialized tasks. This wing is known as the RAF or Rapid Action Force. Its head office is present in Delhi. It started operating in the year 1992. Its primary function consists of dealing with relief operation and rescue, riot, crowd control and other related situations. The RAF consists of ten battalions which are fully equipped and trained. In the CRPF, the number of RAF ranges from ninety-nine to one hundred and eight. These are present in Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Aligarh, Ahmadabad, Delhi, Allahabad, Jamshedpur, Meerut, Bhopal, and Mumbai. Its ranges are present in Mumbai and Delhi.


The President honored the RAF in the year 2003 by providing a flag of separate color. To scatter the crowd without harming them, the equipment of non-lethal nature is provided to the force. The RAF companies are prepared all the time so that they can be deployed without any delay in emergency situations. The Indian Government is the only body which can order the deployment of these companies. Their deployment period is not for an extended period.


PDG Full Form– Parliament Duty Group

A separate unit is formed in the CRPF and is called the PDG or the Parliament Duty Group. Its primary role consists of providing protection to the Indian Parliament House. The PDG includes more than fifteen hundred personnel. These personnel are selected from numerous units of the CRPF. Intense training is given to its members so that they can combat the bio-chemical and nuclear attacks. Training is also provided to them in behavioral management and rescue operations.


Four security layers shield the Parliament House.  The teams from the ITBP, the CRPF and the Police Force of Delhi are responsible for monitoring them. It also contains staff of the PSS or Parliament Security Service. Proper training is given to the PSS staff, keeping in mind the 2001 attack on the Parliament. Thus, the PSS coordinates with numerous agencies that provide security like SPG, CRPF, NSG, IB and the Delhi Police. The weapons used by the personnel of the PDG –

  • INSAS sniper rifles,
  • Glock Pistols,
  • Thermal imagers
  • Assault rifles.


Commando 469

The commandos of the CRPF are expert in dealing with sabotage, reconnaissance and in countering terrorism. These are the most elite among the armed forces in India. The training given to these commandos is extensive. The duration of this training may extend to multiple years. When their training gets finished, they become the most competent as well as the strongest women and men in the Indian forces. They have an excellent capability of carrying out covert operations successfully.


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