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Full Form of ICU : Intensive Care Unit

ICU Full Form is Intensive Care Unit. It is a unit in a hospital that is designed to treat patients who are extremely ill for various reasons such as respiratory arrest, organ failure or other serious problems. which need intensive care and monitoring. Staff working for an ICU are uniquely trained to critically care for patients with all ailments. Sometimes an individual staff is in charge of individual patients as required.
The main focus of intensive care medication is on the major body systems such as the gastrointestinal tract, the cardiovascular system, the central nervous system, and the respiratory system. There is always a need for medications to be modified according to the patient’s condition and improvement or deterioration. To some extent, ICU staff must make quick decisions with the support of a wide network of staff.

Other ICU Full Form

ICU Full Form: International Christian University

Full Form of ICU stands for International Christian University. ICU is basically a non-denominational and private university. It is situated in Tokyo. It was founded in the year 1953. As the liberal arts institution, it provides thirty-one majors in UG programs. In the year 1953 when this college was founded, great emphasis was laid in peace and reconciliation.

This college was made by envisaging an institute where international and the Japanese students would learn to fulfil the needs of an interconnected and emerging world and at the same time, live together. The main campus of the ICU is spread across one hundred and fifty acres of wooded land. It is situated in west Tokyo.

The campus sits on Jomon and pre-Jomon archaeological remains. It provides ample opportunity for the students to engage themselves in the archaeological fieldwork. The Taizanso Garden is located on the campus, which also consists of a Japanese Tea House. Internet and computers can be accessed throughout the campus.

ICU offers doctoral and master degrees in natural sciences, public administration, comparative cultures, and education. Around eighteen percent of the total faculty comes from English speaking countries. There is an ELP or English Language Program, which is taught by contract as well as by tenured English teachers.

Full Form of ICU: Imperial College Union

ICU Full Form stands for Imperial College Union. It is basically a union of students of the Imperial College of London. Every student of Imperial College is the member of this union. It is a non-profit charity. A student body of nearly seventeen thousand is served by the ICU. Their turnover is approximately eight million pounds.

Of these eight million pounds, two million pounds are obtained from the Imperial college as a yearly grant. The majority of their turnover comes from their activities like conferencing, licensed trade and retail. The discretionary expenditure of the union is spent on the charitable activities like Student democracy, Voice and Governance, and Student Volunteering and Development.

The ICU consists of nearly one hundred and fifty staff for providing services to all members. There are two types of staff, student staff, which comprises of hundred members, and career staff, which consists of fifty members. The student staffs work while completing their college studies, whereas career staff comprises of professionals who works in the ICU as their main job.

The work done by staff is overseen by the board through the Strategic Management Group and the Managing Director. The ICU provides professional AS services or Advice Services independent of the Imperial College and offers support for a large range of issues like drug and alcohol issues, personal safety, consumer rights, money advice, academic issues, sexual health, international student issues, employment rights, and accommodation.

ICU Full Form: Information and Communications University

Full Form of ICU refers to Information and Communication University. It is the only university that specializes in Information Technology in Korea. It was founded jointly by ETRI or Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korean Ministry of Information and Communication and IT industrial bodies. ETRI is the largest research institute of IT in Korea. The ICU consists of two schools – one for IT business and one for engineering. Both these schools focus primarily on IT.

There are in total seven hundred and sixty students in the engineering school. It is focused on communication technology and computer science. On the other hand, the business school focuses on the financial and managerial aspects of the information technology industry. There are one hundred and sixty students in this school.

BS degrees are offered to undergraduate students in electrical and computer engineering or computer science and engineering by the engineering school. BS degrees are offered in IT business by the IT business school too. A lot of stress is given on research.

The campus is situated in the Daedeok Science Town. Research facilities are located throughout the disjoint buildings. Other facilities include a playing field, a dormitory, and a cafeteria. The adjoined buildings contain faculty, administrative and lecture facilities.

Full Form of ICU: Islamic Courts Union

ICU Full Form stands for Islamic Courts Union. ICU was basically a Sharia courts group. The courts in this group formed an administration that rivalled to TFG or Transitional Federal Government of Somalia. Their head was Sharif Sheikh Ahmed. The ICU was also known as SCIC or Supreme Council of Islamic Courts, SICC or Supreme Islamic Courts Council, UIC or Union of Islamic Courts and Joint Islamic Courts. They were often referred as Somali Islamists by the western media.

The ICU was formed in the year 1990. Their main aim was the administration of justice in those districts in which these courts were established. Since Somalia was in chaos, a large military was maintained by each court for acting as both military as well as police forces. In February of the year 2006, these courts decided to combine their militaries for taking over Mogadishu. Each ICU member is a Sharia Judge to which a specific court is assigned in a particular Somalia district. These courts are responsible for the enforcement of the Sharia law.

In order to make ICU into a coherent organization, SICB or Supreme Islamic Court of Banadir was made. The high court was formed by the most senior judges. Wider issues like foreign relations and commandments of the military forces of the ICU were dealt with this court. Shura council was also made that backed up the decisions of SIC. Its chairman was Sheikh Hassan Aweys.

ICU Full Form: Intersection Capacity Utilization


Full Form of ICU stands for Intersection Capacity Utilization. For measuring a roadway’s intersection capacity, a tool known as Intersection Capacity Utilization is used. This method is ideal for applications like traffic impact studies, congestion management programs, and roadway design. It must be noted that it cannot be used for signal timing design or traffic operations. The ICU has the capability of telling the amount of the available reserved capacity. The delay cannot be predicted by it, but it can be utilized for predicting the frequency of congestion that an intersection can experience.


Intersection Capacity Utilization is most commonly found in a TIS or traffic impact study. Private consulting firms or city officials usually prepare TIS. The importance of a traffic impact study can be seen during the construction of a new building in a downtown area.


When a building is built in a particular area, a traffic impact study is made for studying the impact of this new building on the intersections around the area. For these intersections, new predicted volumes, as well as old traffic patterns, are studied. Evaluation of old geometry is also done for observing whether it is required to be altered in accordance with the new traffic demand for the intersections in question.


Now, LOS or Level of Service is the ranking system used for ranking the intersection which is being studied. For finding the level of service or LOS, the ICU method is frequently given stress in the reports of the traffic impact study for showing the methods of improving the intersections so that they can easily accommodate the new traffic flux.


Full Form of ICU: Inner City Unit


ICU Full Form stands for Inner City Unit. ICU was formed by Oxford-born and ex-Hawkwind member Nik Turner. He was an expert in playing saxophone. It was founded in the year 1979. The other members of this group comprised of Trev Thomas, Fred Reeves, Mick Stupp, and Baz Magneto. The first album of Nik Turner was entitled Sphynx. Turner made it with Steve Hillage in the year 1977. It was very different from the punk sound, which was quite prevalent in those times. It became a big influence on the ICU.


Two single albums, named Paradise Beach and Solitary Ashtray, along with a debut album named Pass Out were also released. For the album ‘The Maximum Effect’, comedian Max Wall and Captain Sensible were also featured, and the band was moved to Avatar in the year 1981. For joining Weapon, Magneto reverted to his original name of Barry Downes. Reeves replaced him. He doubled up on keyboard and brass. The reworking of earlier tracks was featured on their next album named Punkadelic, but afterward, Turner joined Hawkwind again.


In the year 1984, the ICU was reformed by Turner. Stupp was replaced by Steve Pond. In his first album together with Pond, named New Anatomy, two other members were introduced. These were Dave Anderson, who played bass and Demi-Monde. Their final album named The President’s Tapes did not make in the top album’s list.


ICU Full Form: Ibaraki Christian University

Full Form of ICU stands for Ibaraki Christian University. It is situated about hundred kilometres away from Tokyo metropolitan area. This university is excellent for students who have little or no skills of the Japanese language. It was established in the year 1967.


The academic areas of the ICU consist of DCE or the Department of Contemporary English, Japanese classes and the internship. Classes for the subjects like World Childhood Studies and Intercultural Education are taught in English, and hence, can be taken easily by the exchange students. The IC Centre offers classes for the Japanese language for International Understanding.


The internship provided by the ICU is a good opportunity for those who are pursuing SLS, Linguistics, and Education. Interns are assisted by the students of IC and are supervised by the staff of IC. Through this internship, the students can earn academic credits in either spring or fall semester. The internship includes participation in cultural and language education during everyday classes. It also includes assisting teachers, tutoring, participating in parties, sports, participating in chat hours. Students can communicate in English, but can practice their Japanese skills elsewhere and with their host families.


The Centre for IU frequently organizes cultural events like tea ceremonies, calligraphy and flower arrangements that can be attended by students and interns. Trips are also organized by students to amusement parks like Disneyland, Mt. Fuji, other shrines and temples, and also in Tokyo.

Full Form of ICU: Industrial and Commercial Union

ICU Full Form refers to Industrial and Commercial Union. ICU was established in Cape Town in the year 1919. It was founded by Clements Kadalie, who was from Malawi. The ICU was started as a trade union for the coloured and black dockworkers of the Cape Town.


The Industrial and Commercial Union became an organization of a more general nature with time. Its memberships were extended to unskilled and skilled workers from the agricultural and industrial sectors. Instead of officially petitioning the authority heads, they adopted an active approach for obtaining higher wages and better working conditions for its members.


Due to this, the membership of this organization increased fast. This union spread its root to other areas as well, like Natal, where George Champion became the provincial secretary. Soon, its branches opened all over Africa. In the year 1925, its headquarters was established in Johannesburg.


Due to many reasons, the Industrial and Commercial Union was disintegrated in the 1930s. Even though it died out, it has an important place in the Black labour history. It was the first movement of the black trade union. It also helped in increasing the awareness within the Blacks regarding their exploitation. It helped in uniting them even across borders.


ICU Full Form: Irish Chess League


Full Form of ICU stands for Irish Chess League. ICU was established in the year 1912. It has been a FIDE member since the year 1933. It governs chess in Ireland. It is also a member of European Chess Union. It also helps in maintaining ratings for chess players that are registered with the Irish Chess Union. Competitions like the Irish Chess Championship are organized by the ICU. It also helps in selecting teams for participating in international competitions.


Although chess is concentrated in the big Ireland cities like Cork, Belfast, and Dublin, there are several clubs all over the countries, including those in Wicklow, Kilkenny, Enniscorthy, Drogheda, Ballinasloe, Portadown, Galway, Ennis and Derry. In these provinces, chess leagues are held. The winning teams then participate in the national championships. The winning team of the national championship and the runner-ups then participate in the European Club Championship.

Many magazines were published by the ICU in the past. One of them was the Trish Chess Journal. Unfortunately, since the year 2009, no journal was produced. Another magazine was produced in the year 2007, named Junior Chess Corner. It was aimed at beginners and juniors. Other magazines include Irish chess magazine, produced in the year 1950 and Chess in Ireland, produced in the year 1960.

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