What is the full form of IES

Full Form of IES: Indian Engineering Services

IES Full Form is Indian Engineering Services. Indian Engineering Services or IES A team of talented engineers selected by the Government of India after rigorous examinations and interviews.  They will function as government notices to ensure proper planning, execution, and maintenance of public sector services and facilities. Roads, bridges, railways, government factories, electricity, water, communications, radio, and defense that are under the responsibility of the Government will be served by this panel of engineers.

The Government of India follows a very strict recruitment process for HEIs that involves multiple stages of examinations and interviews involving industry experts. The IES basic qualification is a 4-year engineering degree. They must pass the UPSC exams which are done in 4 stages and then prepare for a personal interview.


The 4 stages of the UPSC exams for IES include objective and descriptive questions. The first exam is for general aptitude and English proficiency and then comes to the technical questions. The third group of questions is based on conventional techniques used in engineering to ensure that candidates are well versed or at least familiar with some of the conventional methods used by the government. When all these 3 are approved, a fourth exam will be carried out in which it will be clarified which candidate is interviewed, preselected, and appointed.

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