What is the GAIL India – GAIL Full Form Name

Full Form of GAIL : Gas Authority of India Limited

GAIL Full Form name is Gas Authority of India Limited. It is India’s largest natural gas distribution and processing company. GAIL’s product line includes; LPG or liquefied petroleum gas; LH or liquid hydrocarbons; and Processing and Marketing of Natural Gas. Gail is listed on the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE GAIL (National Stock Exchange). The Indian Government established GAIL India in August 1984. The main objective was to govern the infrastructure of gas supply in India. It has its head quarters in New Delhi. GAIL also owns a huge telecommunication network which significantly contributes to reliable system operations, monitoring high productivity, and real time communication.


GAIL Full Form – Additional Information

GAIL is a company in India that deals with the distribution and processing of the natural gas. It is the biggest company owned by the state to do so. Its head office is present in Delhi. The areas of business consist of Gail Tel, distribution of gas in cities, transmission of LPG, natural gas, generation of electricity, petrochemicals and liquid hydrocarbons. In the year 2013, the Indian Government awarded the Maharatna status to GAIL. Its foundations were laid in the year 1984. It earned the revenue of nine billion dollars during the year 2014. Its net income during the same year was seven hundred million dollars. As of the year 2013, it has employed more than four thousand people.


Infrastructure of GAIL

GAIL owns the biggest network of pipelines in India. The total length of this network is twenty-three hundred and can handle three million cubic feet of gas every day. The company owns as well as operate a cross-country pipeline for natural gas, and its total length is eleven thousand kilometers. It runs in more the twenty Indian states. For LPG, it owns pipelines that have the length of two thousand kilometers and extends from Jamnagar to Loni. It also has the ownership of 7 recovery plants of LPG in India. These plants are responsible for producing and supplying twenty percent of the domestic LPG in India. The company is also the owner of a vast network of telecommunications, and it is in charge of the monitoring of productivity and real-time communications.


Natural Gas

GAIL India is one of the leading developers of the gas markets in India for many years. It has catered to the requirements of the major sectors of industry such as the distribution of gas in cities, fertilizers, and power. With the help of its pipelines, over one hundred and sixty million cubic meters of gas is transmitted every day. It occupies over seventy percent share in not only the transmission but also in the marketing of the gas. In 2007, the Ministry of Natural Gas and Petroleum authorized the use of 5 more pipelines of GAIL. The total length covered by them is more than five thousand kilometers. These new pipelines are Chainsa Hissar, Dabhol, Dadri Nangal, Jagdishpur Haldi and Kochi-Bangalore. These were commissioned in 2012, 2013, 2011, 2013 and 2013 respectively.


Liquid Hydrocarbons

The GPU or the Gas Processing Unit’s products marketed by GAIL include naphtha, propane, LPG and Pentane. It also markets the polymer plant’s by-products like hydrogenated c4 mix, propylene, and MFO. The customer base of this product includes the major companies that market oil. Its other products are sold directly in the retail segment. GAIL is the primary propane producer in India. It is called GAIL propane. This fuel is environmentally friendly and is a good way to raise productivity and decrease pollution. GAIL is also known for marketing and producing pentane. It is reprocessed into commercial, normal pentane, along with the iso-pentane. These are utilized in LAB, PU, and EPS industries.


The company also produces phenol and acetone. The blending of propylene with benzene results in these products. They are highly popular in the pharmacy industry. The petrochemical, fertilizer, power and steel units use the naphtha produced by this company. It is utilized as fuel in steel and power units. The same is used as a feedstock in fertilizer, chemical and petrochemical units. These projects were completed in the year 2012. After the commissioning of these pipelines, the total capacity of the company’s system of pipes has raised from one hundred and fifty-seven million cubic meters per day to three hundred million cubic meters per day. The total length has also extended to fourteen thousand kilometers.


Production and Exploration

This company is taking part in exploring thirty-one blocks. These are present in Cauvery, Kutch, Arakan, Mumbai, Palar, Krishna Godavari, Fold Belt of Tripura, Cambay, and Mahanadi. It has formed partnerships with numerous companies like Eni, Petro-gas, GSPC, ONGC, Daewoo, JOGPL, Hardy Production, and OIL in these blocks.  The crude oil is regularly produced from the Cambay block. It is producing nearly twelve hundred barrels of oil every day. The MOT or multi-organization team is made for assessing the potential of shale gas in the basins of India. Gail is among the active members of this team. It also consists of representatives from OIL, ONGC, and DGH. The DGH is coordinating the National program of gas hydrate, and GAIL is among its leading members. This program deals with the activities related to the exploration of the gas hydrate.


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