GSM Full Form Name

GSM Full Form Meaning : Global System for Mobile communication

GSM Full Form Name is Global System for Mobile communication. GSM is developed in Europe and is widely used around the globe. GSM is a wireless network that uses a SIM card in order to track the account of the mobile user.


GSM applies TDMA or Time Division Multiple Access, which lets up to 8 calls to be made simultaneously. SIM card lets the users to swiftly alter their mobile numbers by merely changing the GSM SIM card.


At present the GSM networks function on frequency bands of 850, 900, 1800, and 1900 Mega Hz. Quad bands are devices which support all the above four bandwidth; while those which support 2 or 3 bands are called dual band and tri band respectively. As per 2014 statistics, GSM seems to be the default standard for communications over mobile phones and this is due to almost 90% share and usage in more then 219 countries.


GSM Full Form: General Service Medal

Full Form of GSM is General Service Medal. General Service Medal (1918 GSM) was initiated in order to recognize the service in minor Air Force and Army operations for which there was no individual honor or medal intended. It was in par with the Naval General Service medal of 1915. It is a silver medal with crowned effigy of the ruling monarch. On the reverse side, it had a standing Victory figure with wings in Corinthian helmet bearing a trident.


These medals were however replaced by General Service medal (1962 GSM), which is also known as Campaign Service Medal. This too is a circular silver medal, which portrayed a crowned effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on one side and the words ‘FOR CAMPAIGN SERVICE’ beneath a crown that is surrounded by a coronet of oak leaves on the other side. This was awarded until 2007 and is currently replaced with Operational Service Medal.


Full Form of GSM: Greenwich School of Management

GSM Full Form stands for Greenwich School of Management. Formerly known as GSoM, the Greenwich School of Management London (GSM London), is a self-governed school for higher education, which is based in Greenford of West London and Greenwich of South-east London. The school was established in 1973 and is popular for its business-specific courses at both postgraduate and undergraduate levels parallel to other specialized trainings. The school caters to several International students. As per the records of 2015, GSM has educated more than 20,000 students.


GSM has been working in association with Plymouth University since 2006 in order to offer undergraduate degrees, which are validated by the Plymouth University. The school is also a member in the AIHEP or Association of Independent Higher Education Providers and has the accreditation of British Accreditation Council (BAC) for Independent Further and Higher Education.


GSM Full Form: Geological Society of Malaysia

Full Form of GSM refers to Geological Society of Malaysia. The Geological Society of Malaysia was founded in 1967, with the objective of developing advancement of Earth Sciences in Southeast Asia and in Malaysia. With over 600 members across the globe in various disciplines, the society promotes scientific, academic, and professional endeavors of the members. GSM organizes 2 major conferences each year – Petroleum Geology Conference and Exhibition or PGCE and National Geoscience Conference or NGC. Other activities organized by GSM include; scientific and technical talks; short courses; field trips, etc.


GSM works in collaboration with various universities like; Institute of Geology; Kebangsaan; Mineral and Geoscience Department Malaysia; Sains university; and more. However, The Geological Society of Malaysia limits its membership to geology graduates, professionals, and lecturers and includes few of those science students who have a engineering and geophysics major.


Full Form of GSM: Georgia Square Mall

GSM Full Form stands for Georgia Square Mall. The mall is located in Athens, in the northeastern Georgia, which is often filled with the University of Georgia students. Georgia Square Mall was inaugurated in 1981 and was originally a 2-level mall noted for the retro designs including the Foil-copper looks at the entrance to Belk (an upscale department store chain). It is also one of the biggest rural types of malls in the entire country during the 80s. In addition to Belk, other Anchors of the mall includes JCPenney and Davidson’s, and Sears.


The mall was renovated in 2007 to make little constructional and design changes on the exterior and interior. Though the interior was meant to have an updated look, the mall still retains the same charm of the previous era. Despite all changes and passing years, the anchors have remained the same except that, Davidson’s has changed its name to Macy’s.


GSM Full Form: Great Smoky Mountains Railway

Full Form of GSM refers to Great Smoky Mountains Railway. It is a heritage and freight railway situated in the Western part of North Carolina. The Great Smoky Mountains Railway owns over 85 km or 53 miles of the ‘Murphy Branch, which is a former line of Southern Railway that ran between Andrews and Dillsboro. It passes through an interesting tunnel, fertile valleys, and over river gorges in the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina. Currently, vast portion of the lines are out of service for several miles near Andrews.


However, the rail not only runs tourist excursions throughout the year, but also moves freight through interchange with Blue Ridge Southern Railroad near the Jackson Paper Manufacturing. The Great Smoky Mountains Railway has 4 diesel-electric locomotives, which runs through various attractions and towns including Bryson City; Andrews; The Nantahala Outdoor Center; and Dillsboro.


Full Form of GSM: Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

GSM Full Form stands for Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. It is a breed of dog, which was developed to be a working dog that is trained to perform various tasks like pulling carts, herding cattle, standing guard, etc. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is of late enjoying being a family pet too but enjoys that freedom only if it is engaged. It is a powerful breed, which excels in all types of dog sports from weight pulling to agility. It has amazing characteristics and adapts so well to all environment at the same time tolerates being alone.


Also known as ‘Swissy’, the ancestors of this breed served as guards, herding, as well as draft dogs. Once it was the most popular breed, which eventually subsided, as the number of dogs in the breed came down. In 1909, Albert Heim lobbied this breed to have them identified as individual breeds, and eventually, the Swiss Kennel Club listed this breed in the Swiss Stud Book.


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