What is the full form of HR : HR Full Form

Full Form of HR : Human Resources

HR Full Form is Human Resources. Human resources refer to the people doing the job of employee management in an organization. Since employees are the primary assets of any company, it is essential to have focused on their welfare. In fact, employees are said to be the ‘human capital’ of a company.

The key responsibilities of HR involved recruiting the appropriate employees for the relevant posts, coordinating between employees and management; providing orientation, skill development, training, employee appraisal, and more. The majority of professional organizations always have a department dedicated to HR management that takes complete care of employees including their health, compensation, benefits, and any kind of issues related to employees.


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In every organization – big or small, there is always a need for a person who can take care of the recruitment of staff as well as look after their needs and payroll, etc. It is not possible for managers at the top level to undertake all the responsibilities and fulfill them. Thus, the company hires a trained person who is well versed in the hiring and selection process. This is the Human Resource department.



An employee is an asset to the company as the development and growth of the company depends on the workforce and how the employees take it forward. Thus, appointing skilled and efficient employees is vital for any organization. One can say that the employee is a “resource” in which the company has invested to earn profits in the future, benefitting from the output delivered. The selection of the candidate is important. For this reason, the company hires a trained and knowledgeable person who is well aware of the company policies and goals and has the capability of selecting people who can work in accordance with the company’s rules and regulations.


The duty of HR personnel does not end at recruiting people. They also have to look ahead for the betterment of the employees and plan appraisals and incentives to keep the candidate engaged in the company. Healthy competition is good to bring out the best in the employees and HR plans various strategies and projects to encourage the people to give their 100%. They plan out the succession chart within the establishment and develop new approaches to enhance career development, work process, and in-house smooth functioning.



Human Resource, as mentioned earlier, is an asset to the company and gets better with learning and further development. Choice of the right candidate to fulfill a particular type of role/work is of prime importance since the skilled person in that particular job area is bound to give a good performance and in turn help towards boosting the company’s revenue and reputation.  The HR personnel shortlists the candidates that are appropriate for the current opening position after scrutinizing the resumes sent by the prospective candidates.


If any profile is found suitable to take up the vacancy, then they are called for an interview to ascertain the credibility, and then finally if the candidate is found satisfactory or apt to fill the vacancy, then he/she is awarded the appointment letter after consultation with the superiors. The selected candidate then gets enrolled on the payroll of the company and becomes entitled to various benefits like for example free/subsidized meals, transport facility, etc. Along with the accounts department, HR also plans out the employee’s salary structure, incentives, etc.


Innovation and creativity are required to keep the employee’s interest in the work alive at all times and it is the duty of HR to bring in these changes from time to time so that the work routine does not get too monotonous for the staff and they do not lose interest in the job. Unhappy and unchallenged employees may soon seek other work opportunities and in the bargain, a company has the fear of losing a good worker. In order to avoid all this, HR plans various training sessions, competitive activities, etc that keep the employees occupied in work and eliminates the risk of anyone leaving the job. HR is also responsible for keeping the record and sanctioning leave applications of employees.



HR or Human Resource as the term suggests is directly in relation to people and is also known as Personnel Management. To be a good HR manager, the person should be people-friendly as there is constant communication with people of different backgrounds and mentalities. He/she should be a good analyzer and after receiving an application for a job post from a candidate should know where to place the person in order to extract maximum benefit for the company as well as give the employee full job satisfaction.


Employees seek a job because they need good remuneration and facilities to work in an establishment. The HR should tap the candidate’s potential and with prior approval from the higher authorities design a pay packet for the employee that will be a very lucrative offer that is hard to turn down. Travel facilities, free or subsidized meals on duty, health benefits, company accommodation or house allowance etc are some added bonuses that attract people to stay on in the company.


Taking all this into consideration, HR should try and offer as many facilities to the recruit as possible in tune with the company’s policies. HR is responsible for training the employee and familiarizing him/her with the company rules and regulations. At the same time, there should be a good dialogue with the new recruit to understand his/her needs and try to find a solution to make the employee comfortable in the work environment.



It is very difficult to find a good and loyal employee who is willing to serve the company for a long duration. Thus, when you find the right candidate it is essential to retain him/her as far as possible.

There are many strategies that HR can adapt to make it a win-win situation for the company as well as the employee.

Employee Loyalty bonus: This is a good way to say “thank you for being with us for so long”. This bonus can be either monetary compensation or a promotion that will encourage the employee to give his best in the future as well as continue to be a loyal worker.

Referral Bonus: Many times when an employee is happy with his work environment there is a word around in friends and acquaintances. Others who are seeking employment are recommended to work for this company. This works best for the company as there is no need to incur expenses on recruitment agents or advertisements. Thus rewarding the employee for this referral after the new recruit has settled at work for 6-9 months is a great motivation.

Provide recreational facilities: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is an apt saying. Little recreation is needed to relax from a stressful work routine. Having some games facilities to unwind or arrange some outings for the staff with families for a better understanding of the employee.

Appreciate their effort: A person likes to be appreciated or rewarded for the hard work that is put in. An increment or a performance bonus can do wonders to elevate the spirit of the employee, prompting him to give his best every time.

Flexible working hours: A company with flexible working hours is attractive (so long the daily stipulated work hours are fulfilled by the employee). Sometimes for working mothers as well as others “work from home” concept is welcome in case of an emergency at home.


HR is a field where the concerned manager has to be very tactful and critical while appointing staff in a company. The selection should be beneficial for the establishment and should prove to be a “good investment” as far as human resources are concerned.


There should be a good understanding of the HR manager on both fronts – superiors as well as the employees. This helps in maintaining a healthy work environment and also ensures good and steady growth of the company with a dedicated and satisfied workforce executing their duties to the best of their ability.


It is HR’s responsibility to obtain the best possible team to work in the company and retain them. During exit interviews, it is their duty to offer some lucrative deal to hold back the employee rather than losing him. Talking and understanding the reason for the decision to quit and finding a viable solution is indeed a challenging task for the manager.


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