HSRP Full Form

HSRP FULL FORM – High-Security Registration Plate

HSRP is a chromium-based hologram on which the engine and chassis numbers of the vehicle are displayed. This plate is made of aluminum. It will have a kind of pin on it that will be attached to your vehicle. The biggest advantage of this number plate is that it cannot be changed. If you try to replace it, it will break. In such a situation, a new number plate can be installed on the vehicle only who has complete documents of the vehicle because the new number plate can be installed only from registered places.

With a view to check vehicle theft, the Supreme Court has now made it mandatory for all new vehicles to have High-Security Registration Plate (HSRP) and color-coded fuel sticker at the time of registration. According to the Delhi Transport Department, if the vehicle is taken out on the road without these, then a fine ranging from 5 to 10 thousand rupees will be charged. The department has given time till October 30 to install new number plates on the vehicles. These number plates can be installed only from an authorized dealer. For this, permission has been given to selected dealers by the Transport Department.

Charge for new High Security Number Plate : HSRP Full Form

Its fee has also been fixed for the installation of high security registration plates. If you want to install a new number plate in a two wheeler, then you will have to pay 365 rupees for it. Whereas for four wheelers, 600 to 1100 rupees will have to be spent.

What is color Coated Sticker : HSRP Number Plate

Color Coated Sticker is applied for the fuel type i.e. with which fuel the vehicle will be known. If the vehicle has a light blue colored sticker, then it will indicate a petrol or CNG powered vehicle. While orange will mark diesel.

The board will be a solid unit made of aluminum conforming to AIX 159: 2019 or ISO: 7591

  • Laminate with reflective sheets with IND incorporated IND
  • Chrome-based “Chakra” design hologram will be applied by hot stamping.
  • The plate must have a permanent identification number of a minimum of ten digits with the laser marking, preceded by two letters on the reflective sheet at the bottom left of the registration plate.
  • HSRP shall be engraved with alphanumeric borders and characters shall be hot stamped using a black foil with the security inscription “INDIA”.
  • A Third License Plate in the form of a sticker to be affixed to the windshield of the vehicle.
  • Fixing with non-removable or reusable snap fasteners. Benefits i. Standardization of registration plates A

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