What is IC : IC Full Form

Full Form of IC: Integrated Circuit

IC Full Form Name is an integrated circuit. A set of electronic circuits present in a semiconductor chip, such as a silicon chip, is called an IC or integrated circuit. Compared to a circuit made with separate electronic components, the size of an integrated circuit is quite small. Therefore, they can be manufactured to be very compact in size and can contain more than a million electronic components such as transistors. As technology advances, the width of each conductive line in a circuit decreases. This width was below one hundred nanometers in 2008. It was further reduced to fourteen nanometers in 2014.


Numerous experiments were conducted to demonstrate that the functions of vacuum tubes can also be performed by semiconductor devices. These experiments made the design of integrated circuits possible. Advances made in the manufacture of semiconductor devices further aided in the development of integrated circuits. A significant improvement was the integration of multiple very small transistors on a tiny chip. Integrated circuits were quickly adopted and replaced designs that used discrete transistors due to many reasons. These reasons include integrated circuits’ building block approach to circuit design, reliability, and mass production capability.


The two main factors of integrated circuits that make them preferable to discrete circuits include performance and cost. The process known as photolithography is used to print the chips and their components. This greatly reduces your cost. The amount of materials used to make integrated circuits is very low compared to discrete circuits, further reducing their cost. Since the components of an integrated circuit use a small amount of energy, their performance is usually high. They consume less power because they are small in size and located close to the other components of the chip.

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