ICC Full Form  : International Cricket Council (or) International Criminal Court

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ICC Full Form can represent two terms:

International Cricket Council (ICC) represents the governing body of international cricket. Various representatives from Australia, England, and South Africa established it in 1909. It is currently called as International Cricket Conference. ICC comprises of 106 members (out of which 10 members who play test matches), 50 affiliate members and 37 associate members. ICC is in charge of the governance and organizing of major cricket tournaments at the International level.

The other term for ICC full form is the International Criminal Court, which is a permanent and independent court that takes care of cases of International concerns with most serious crimes. The Cricket ICC is made up of 123 countries in 2015. The ICC only takes cases that are accused of the most heinous crimes to trial. Cricket ICC observes the highest standards of justice and the Rome Statute governs the entire jurisdiction.

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