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Full Form of ITC : Indian Tobacco Company

ITC Full Form refers to the Indian Tobacco Company. ITC was established in 1910 and is registered as “ITC India Limited”. It was originally known as the Imperial Tobacco Company. One of the main products made by the company is cigarettes. Apparently, what started out as a cigarette company now has its prominence in a variety of fields including IT, hotels, safety matches, FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), produce businesses, cartons and packaging, etc.


ITC is based in Kolkata, West Bengal. One of the cool facts about ITC is that the company has been in the industry for over 100 years. ITC got off to a very modest start with a small rented office in Kolkata and has been steadily expanding without interruption ever since. In 2010, the company launched a hand-rolled cigar called “Armenteros”, which is available in some of the exclusive tobacco shops and hotels.

ITC Full Form: International Trade Centre

The full form of ITC is International Trade Center. The International Trade Center, which is the English translation of the Center du commerce international (ITC), refers to a major subsidiary organization of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTD). ). The organization performs many functions that are vital to the effective functioning of the aforementioned global organizations. It is dedicated to providing technical assistance in the fields related to trade and commerce.


ITC performs functions that are not as broad as those of the World Trade Organization, which deals mainly with the legal framework affecting international trade, and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, which deals mainly with related activities. with research and promotion. Headquartered in Geneva and with a field office located in Mexico City, ITC was established as the successor to the International Trade Information Center that was founded under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) in 1964. The purpose behind the founding of the predecessor organization was to provide assistance to assist developing countries in their export promotion work.


Its objective was to develop research activities and promote the training of personnel dedicated to relevant tasks. However, more efforts were needed to achieve this goal, so the merger of the WTO and UNCTD was proposed to streamline the entire process. The agreement was signed in 1967 and the ITC was established on January 1, 1968.

Full Form of ITC: Incorporated Television Company

ITC Full Form stands for Incorporated Television Company. Incorporated Television Company, known as ITC or ITC Entertainment (in the United States), is basically a television company based in London, United Kingdom. This British company is in the production and distribution business. ITC has four divisions: ITC Home Video, ITC Film Distributors, EP Films, and ITC Films.


Let us explore some of the history behind the founding of ITC. Television mogul Lew Grade had founded the company in 1954. The company was founded as the Incorporated Television Program Company and was originally structured to work as a contractor for the UK’s new Independent Television (ITV), but failed to secure a contract. with because the authority felt it would give Grade’s business too much control.


ITC was a subsidiary of Associated Broadcasting Company (ABC), which later became Associated TeleVision (ATV) from 1955 to 1966. From 1966 to 1982, ITC remained a subsidiary of Associated Communications Corporation (ACC) after the acquisition of ATV.


ITC gained immense popularity in the foreign market and this led to ACC receiving the Queen’s Award for Export. Unfortunately, after a short success, ATV witnessed its demise. ITC then became the production company in 1982. Later, in 1988, Bond Corporation bought the Bell group that owned ITC.


ITC is best known for many British cult television series during the 1960s and 1970s. Some of the series include The Saint, Stingray, The Champions, The Prisoners, Jason King, The Protectors, Return of the Saint, Department S, Danger Man, Captain Scarlett and The Mysteron. As a distribution company, ITC is a worldwide distributor of the Benny Hill Show special.

ITC Full Form: International Typeface Corporation

The full form of ITC refers to International Typeface Corporation. It was some kind of type maker based in New York City. ITC was established in 1970 by three business magnates Aaron Burns, Edward Rondhaler, and Herb Lubalin. ITC is a historic corporation, as it is one of the world’s first type manufacturing units with no history of metal type production.


Since the corporation is historically significant, it would be appropriate to know some historical facts about its beginnings and beyond. The objective of the creation of ITC was to provide design, licensing and marketing services for the typefaces used in films and also for popular types of computer equipment around the world. ITC actively produced new designs and revamped the previous version to make them compatible with digital typesetting requirements. Many ITC designs have been embroiled in controversies such as ITC Bookman, ITC Garamond which was criticized for their lack of originality.


The Company used to publish a magazine under the name U & lc, which means upper and lower case. It was a magazine dedicated to conventional and new versions of typefaces designed and edited by Herb Lubalin. The magazine was very popular with typeface enthusiasts. A web version of the magazine was launched in 1998 that also introduced the new sans serif logo created by Mark von Bronkhorst.


Esselte Letraset acquired ITC in 1986. In 2000, Agfa Monotype Corporation announced that it would acquire the capital stock of ITC from Esselte Letraset. Agfa Monotype subsequently joined Monotype Imaging in November 2005.

Full Form of ITC: IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

ITC Full Form is the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium. It is the name of a non-profit organization of developers who manage all the standard IntelliCAD source code toolkits for the CAD interface. ITC is actively involved in the research and development of high-quality integrations with third-party technology innovations.


Among the mentioned third-party technologies is the DWGdirect library, now called the “Teigha for.dwg files”, which writes in .dwg format, and the ACIS 3D modeling core from space technology. ITC also maintains APIs for its CAD interface. ITC is currently headquartered in Portland in Oregon, United States. ITC has a total of 50 members as of now.


ITC is famous for its API and CAD software programming toolkit marketed under the name “IntelliCAD”. This ITC product is known for its ability to emulate the interface and functions performed by AutoCAD, which is a software application used in 2D. and 3D CAD. However, it is very different from conventional CAD software because it is not sold directly to end-users. The software is available exclusively to ITC members, who pay fees for the software for the purpose of using IntelliCAD technology.

ITC Full Form: Independent Television Commission

The full form of ITC stands for Independent Television Commission. Refers to a UK regulatory body. The ITC used to license and ensure regulatory control of television services between January 1, 1991 and December 28, 2003. The name of the Commission is significant as the word “independent” implies the freedom of the British Broadcasting Corporation, known everywhere as the BBC, and not the government.


The ITC was established by the Broadcasting Act of 1990, which was enforced for the purpose of providing a more robust and functional replacement for the Independent Broadcasting Authority, which was founded by the Sound Broadcasting Act of 1972, and the Authority of cable.


The commission came into existence on January 1, 1991. Along with the ITC, the Radio Broadcasting Law of 1990 also established the Channel Four Television Corporation to operate Channel 4. In the following years, there was a major review of the regulatory framework. of the ITC that empowered it with the function of ‘regulation of light touch’.


The British government proposed the merger of the ITC and the Radio Authority, the Telecommunications Office and the Radiocommunications Agency. The merger was enforced by the Communications Act 2003. The Communications Office now performs most of ITC’s functions.


Prior to the merger, ITC worked together with two independent bodies to address complaints against individuals and content broadcast on televisions: the Broadcasting Complaints Commission and the Broadcasting Standards Council.

Full Form of ITC: Institute of Texan Cultures

ITC Full Form name is Institute of Texan Cultures. Also known as the Institute of Texan Cultures at the University of Texas at San Antonio, ITC refers to a museum and library that is located in HemisFair Park in downtown San Antonio, Texas. The Institute has contributed to the protection and conservation of cultural heritage. ITC is the world’s leading cultural education center. It strives to promote cultural heritage with the help of exhibitions, programs.


ITC was founded by the Texas Legislature in 1965. It was originally known as the Texas Pavilion at HemisFair ’68 but its name was changed to the University of Texas System in 1969. In 1973, all administrative control The University of Texas at San Antonio took over the affairs of the ITC.


The Institute was founded with the purpose of highlighting the cultural values, customs and heritage of Texas and conditioning Texans to begin to appreciate and preserve their culture. He has organized many performances with the goal of showing students the inherent value of Texas cultures. One of those events he organizes is the Texas Folklife Festival.


The Texas Folklife Festival is an annual function organized and sponsored by ITC. The festival aims to bring together all the different communities in the state of Texas and celebrate the richness with which each community is bestowed. The festival is based on the popular Smithsonian Folklife Festival.


ITC offers many opportunities for students to develop their knowledge and appreciation of cultures. It offers a library, teacher orientation programs, access to different networks of schools and colleges associated with ITC, a vast collection of photographs, etc. In 2010, ITC has partnered with the Smithsonian Affiliates program, thereby gaining access to rich Smithsonian artifacts, renowned speakers, workshops, resources to fund exhibitions, and more.


Full Form of ITC: Integrated Telecom Company

ITC Full Form means is Integrated Telecom Company. Refers to a telecommunications service provider that provides broadband, interconnection and satellite services for commercial companies and consumers in the Saudi Arabian market. ITC was established in 2005. It is part of the Maward Holding Group of Companies, which is also a Saudi conglomerate. The entire group is made up of approximately 27 subsidiaries involved in many business fields related to media and communications and some business projects.


ITC dominates the Saudi market and is licensed as a Data Service Provider (DSP), Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT). It also has six data centers and cable landing stations in Al Khobar and Jeddah. These cable stations connect the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the world with the help of submarine cables.


Apart from these, ITC also owns 10 meter fiber rings that are spread throughout all major cities. These rings facilitate high-speed data transfers and high-quality international communication services using SDH and DWDH technologies. These are the rings responsible for maintaining FTTx connections throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


ITC offers many products and services specific to the Saudi market. Some of these products include national data connectivity, international data connections, cloud computing, Business Continuity Suite, managed route, VSAT satellite services, data center management, etc.


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