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MA Full form: Master of arts

MA Full Form is Master of Arts. Master of Arts is a kind of master’s degree that is awarded in a large number of countries. It is different from mastery. Students who gain admission to its study program study subjects such as global business administration, international relations, history, philosophy, English, communications, humanities, and social sciences. In India, it is among those traditional courses that are chosen by students with great enthusiasm and interest.

The duration of the master’s degree is two years. To earn this degree, students must pass four to five assignments. There are many universities in India that offer master’s of arts degrees. The example of some of the best known universities that award the master’s degree include Andhra University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Assam University, Alagappa University, etc. or correspondence course.

Eligibility criteria for the master’s degree

Regular candidates who wish to pursue Master’s study programs must meet the eligibility requirements. The candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from an authorized and recognized university. He or she must have obtained at least a fifty percent grade as a graduation percentage. In the case of the IPC, you must have obtained 5.5 on a scale of ten points.

Admission is also granted to sponsored students, provided they meet all criteria. In this category, the sponsorship of a candidate is carried out by a licensed and recognized development agency, a government organization, a research and development organization to participate in the study program of this degree full time. To do this, the candidate must be employed by the sponsored organization. Must have 2 years of experience at the time of admission. When submitting the application form, the sponsorship letter must be attached.

Courses Offered in the Master’s Program

A large number of courses are offered in the Master’s study programs in India –

MA in English

MA in Hindi

MA in Education

MA in Psychology

MA in Philosophy

MA in Political Science

MA in History

MA in International Relations

MA in Sociology

MA in Economics

MA in HR Management

MA in Journalism

MA in Social Work.


Some master of arts programs are discussed below:


Economic Sciences

The design of this course is done to educate students about the changing landscape of the economy not only in India but also around the world. Topics emphasized include technology, information, commerce, finance, economics, and currency. The demand for graduates of this course is increasing in areas such as consulting, analytics, marketing, and banking.


This course is suitable for candidates interested in understanding modern society and the ways to eliminate its problems and improve it in various aspects. Candidates can gain admission based on their performance on the qualifying exam.


It is one of the most popular courses among aspiring candidates in India. This course provides an in-depth insight into English culture, tradition, and literature. Students are prepared for creative writing and teaching English.

Career options after obtaining a master’s degree

Some of the career options for MA faints are outlined below:

Travel advisor

The scope of travel and tourism is enormous, not only in the national sector, but also in the international market. At the entry level, the salary ranges from two to five lakhs per year. Required skills include good communication, networking, and interpersonal skills.

Public relations

This work consists of building the image and brand of people and companies. This is a popular job in the Indian market today. The salary earned is between three and six lakh rupees per year.

Content writer

Today, the content management profession has grown into a full-time business. You must be fluent in the language to be successful in this profession. The skills needed for this include analytical skills, application skills, research skills, and language skills.

Event planner

The demand for event specialists increases with each passing year as the complexities of time issues and people involvement increase. In this profession, an individual must have the ability to understand the purpose of the event and must shape it according to the needs of their clients. Necessary skills include project management skills and negotiation skills.

MA in other nations

The US and Canada

The master’s degree is a basic graduate degree in most subjects. Your study programs may be entirely course-based or may be research-based. You can also combine both the research and the course. There are certain programs that offer a combination of master’s and bachelor’s degrees. The duration of these programs is 5 years. Examples of institutes offering the joint degree include MIT, Dartmouth College, Brown University, and Chicago University.


The universities of this nation award a degree intermediate between a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree. The duration of this intermediate degree is 1 year and includes.


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