MTS Full Form : What is SSC MTS

MTS Full Form is Multi Tasking Staff. Although MTS has many meanings, the full form which is used the most is Multi-tasking Staff. Actually friends Mts is known as SSC MTS whose full form is Staff Selection Commission Multi Tasking Staff.

What is MTS: MTS Full Form

MTS is also known as SSC MTS Non-Technical Exam. This is an exam which is conducted by SSC (Staff Selection Commission) all over India. In this MTS exam conducted by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC), the selected candidates are hired by the Staff Selection Commission in government offices and various ministries according to their merit. Mainly MTS MTS employees are very important part of bureaucracy who are hired by SSC exam so these employees are group c central government employees.

Qualification for SSC MTS:

To give the exam of SSC Multi Tasking Staff, we have to take care of our things because we can fill the application form only after keeping all the important things in mind. But if we do not keep these special things in mind then we cannot give the exam. This application is as follows:-

The applicant must be an Indian citizen. The minimum Age should be between 18 years to Maximum age 25 years. But according to the age limit category, the age limit can be increased and decreased to some extent. If you belong to OBC category then you get 3 years relaxation in upper age limit and 5 years relaxation in upper age limit for SC/ST students. For Physically Handicapped (PH) students the upper limit relaxation is up to 10 years.

Why SSC MTS exam is necessary:

From the name of SSC Multi Tasking Staff, you must have got an idea that for whom this exam is necessary. This exam is necessary for all those students who are studying or have done and who want to get a government job. In simple words, this exam is necessary for all those who have passed at least 10th standard. This exam can also be given by those students who are doing 12th or graduation.

Departments under SSC MTS:

  • Armed Forces HQs
  • Computer And Auditor General Of India (CAG)
  • Central Board Of Direct Taxes (CBDT) Income Tax Department
  • Central Board Of Indirect Taxes And Customs
  • Central Secretariat
  • Central Vigilance Commission
  • Directorate Of Forensic Science
  • Election Commission Of India
  • Intelligence Bureau
  • Indian Foreign Service
  • Ministry Of Home Affairs
  • Ministry Of Parliamentary Affairs
  • National Investigation Agency
  • President’s Secretariat
  • Railway Board Secretariat
  • On the basis of marks obtained in MTS exam

SSC MTS Post: SSC MTS exam is conducted to recruit candidates for the following posts:

  • Peon
  • Daftary
  • Jamadar
  • Junior Gestetner Operator
  • Farash
  • Watchman
  • Gardener
  • Cleaner

Salary :

The minimum salary of the employees recruited by SSC MTS exam can range from 18000/- to 20000 per month. Salary can be up to Grad-Pay 1800/- per month.

Apart from this pay band, SSC MTS also gets the benefit of other allowances. Apart from the basic salary, SSC MTS also gets many amenities as per the rules of the Central Government:

Dearness Allowance (DA -Dearness Allowance)

MA -Medical Allowance

House Rent Allowance (HRA)

Transport Allowance (TA -Travel Allowance)

Other important perks.

SSC MTS Posting

How much salary an employee will get, it depends on the city in which his posting is. The cities are divided into three parts – A, B, C class. Big metropolis come in A class.

Medium in B class and small towns in C class. Salary is given on the basis of class. According to the central government, 24 percent HRA is initially available in A class cities. B class cities get 16 percent and C class cities get 8 percent HRA (House Rent Allowance).

When your DA (Dearness Allowance) is increased to 25 percent, then your HRA will also increase to 27 percent, 18 percent and 9 percent for A, B, C respectively. Then when your DA is 50 percent, then your HRA will increase by 30, 20, 10 percent respectively.

How to apply for SSC MTS Exam?

The application form of SSC MTS is filled in online mode only. The candidates who are willing to appear in SSC MTS exam have to register themselves on the official website of SSC MTS at https://Ssc.Nic.In/.

You have to fill all the information asked on the application form correctly, otherwise your application form will be canceled. That is why you have to fill all the questions asked in the application form without any mistake. When the process of filing your application form is completed then you should take a printout of your application form so that you do not face any troubles in the future.

MTS Responsibilities: MTS Full Form

The following responsibilities and duties are included in the SSC MTS jobs: Physical maintenance of a section’s records. Cleaning and general maintenance of the Section / Unit. Transport of files and other papers within the building. Photocopying, sending FAX, etc.

Full-Form of MTS: Multi-Channel Television Sound

MTS Full Form is Multi-Channel Television Sound. Multichannel television sound is a standard format used in the transmission of television content that allows two channels of sound, also called a stereo pair, to be added to television content. These sound channels are transmitted using the existing standard television carrier wavelengths as required by various associations. In case one wishes to have alternate language tracks or a separate audio program, the MTS can also accommodate a third channel of sound. These are called SAP and PRO channels that are used for short-range communications, such as remote computers.

The normal basic channel that carries all the basic audio is called the mono channel (also called the L + R channel). This channel is similar to the FM stereo channel, while the second channel called the stereo channel is usually located on top of the mono channel (called the L-R channel). The left channel can be determined by combining two audio channels. The right channel is determined after subtracting the second audio channel from the first audio channel. (Here, L and R refer to the TV speaker.)

The MTS stereo is 1.5 decibels better than normal FM stereos. However, encoding causes some noise during transmission, so there is a dbx encoder in this MTS to improve signal quality and reduce noise. Television receivers identify MTS signals on a 15.734 kHz pilot tone. A committee called the Broadcast Television Systems Committee created MTS in the US to encode 3 channels of audio onto an analog NTSC format audio carrier.

MTS Full Form: Microsoft Transaction Server

Full Form of MTS is Microsoft Transaction Server. To process transactions related to applications and administration of databases that run on the Internet or a network server on behalf of a client computer, Microsoft has developed an object component model called Microsoft Transaction Server, a proprietary model from Microsoft. .

The MTS consists of a three-tier architecture model that can help us separate presentation, business logic, and application data on different interconnected computers. MTS takes care of low-level programming and allows developers to focus on business server logic. The MTS facilitates the development of distributed applications.

MTS resides on Windows Server and contains the middle-tier components, that is, objects that encapsulate the business rules and handle the interaction between the data part and the logical part. The MTS has built-in objects, safeguards, thread groupers, and so on. They can replace up to 40 percent of the infrastructure code needed to build distributed applications. Therefore, MTS acts as a linchpin for the distributed applications framework.

Advantages of using MTS:

Save a lot of time while developing applications, as the basic infrastructure for creating applications is already in place and the developer only has to add the objects built into the applications.

Scalability issues are solved with a standardized application framework.

MTS also helps to establish a stock-based security model for applications, eg. Ex – Predefined roles can help decide which user has the authority to edit a particular document and which user can only view that particular document.

The MTS can be easily connected to other standard databases such as Visual Basic, Oracle to transact with various enterprise resource planning systems.

Other MTS Full Form

  • MTS                                                       Manitoba Telecom Services
  • MTS                                                       Mountains
  • MTS                                                       Metropolitan Transit System
  • MTS                                                       Mobile TeleSystems
  • MTS                                                       Master of Theological Studies
  • MTS                                                       Marine Technology Society
  • MTS                                                       Maladies Transmises Sexuellement
  • MTS                                                       Microsoft Terminal Services
  • MTS                                                       Monthly Treasury Statement
  • MTS                                                       Mountain Travel Symposium
  • MTS                                                       Multichannel Television Sound
  • MTS                                                       Methylphenidate Transdermal System
  • MTS                                                       Multi-Threaded Server
  • MTS                                                       Movement Tracking System
  • MTS                                                       Message Transfer System (ITU-T – X.400)
  • MTS                                                       Miniature Toggle Switch (electronics)
  • MTS                                                       Moisture Transport System (fabric technology)
  • MTS                                                       Marketing Technology Solutions (various companies)
  • MTS                                                       Money Transfer System
  • MTS                                                       Multi Tasking System
  • MTS                                                       Mega Transfers per Second
  • MTS                                                       Multichannel Television System
  • MTS                                                       Mobile Telephony Service
  • MTS                                                       Macro Tasks
  • MTS                                                       Multi Threaded Server
  • MTS                                                       Mpeg Tv Station
  • MTS                                                       Macro Temporary Store
  • MTS                                                       Multi Tier Solutions
  • MTS                                                       Mpeg Transport Stream
  • MTS                                                       Mobile Terminals
  • MTS                                                       Mountain Time Standard
  • MTS                                                       Microsoft Technical Support
  • MTS                                                       Mobile Telecommunications System
  • MTS                                                       Message Transfer System
  • MTS                                                       Multichannel Tv Sound
  • MTS                                                       Million Transfers per Second
  • MTS                                                       Microsoft Transaction Server
  • MTS                                                       Middle Tier Server
  • MTS                                                       Meta Stream
  • MTS                                                       Machine Translation System (computational linguistics)
  • MTS                                                       Midtown South (New York)
  • MTS                                                       Member of Technical Staff
  • MTS                                                       Make to Stock
  • MTS                                                       Marine Transportation System


What is SSC MTS salary?

SSC MTS pay band 1(5200 – 20200) + the Grade Pay of 1800 rupees

What is MTS in Microsoft applications?

The full form of MTS in Microsoft’s application is Microsoft Transaction Server.

What is MTS Full form in cable networks?

In the field of cable broadcasting, the full form of MTS is Multichannel Television Sound.

What is MTS in telephone service?

MTS Full Form in telephone service is Mobile Telephone service

What is MTS in public transit service?

MTS full form in public transit service for Metropolitan Transit System

What is Full form of MTS in email?

The full form of MTS in email is Message Transfer Service.

What is MTS in computers?

The full form of MTS in computer is Multi-Tasking System.

What is the Full form name of MTS in the radar system?

MTS full form in a radar system is Moving Target Simulator

What is MTS in theology?

The full form of MTS is Master of Theological Studies in the subject of theology.

What is MTS Full form in software?

Regarding software, the full form of MTS is Multi-Tasking Software.

What is MTS in logistics communication?

The full form of MTS is Movement Tracking System in Logistics Communication.

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