RSVP Full Form Name: RSVP Meaning

Full Form of RSVP: Repondez S’il Vous Plait (Please Reply)

RSVP Full Form is ‘Repondez S’il Vous Plait’. RSVP is a French Phrase and the meaning of Repondez S’il Vous Plait’ is ‘Please Respond’ (or) ‘Please Reply’. If an invitation has RSVP written on it, the person who receives that invitation is expected to respond or reply if he or she plans to attend the event or not. The norm of printing RSVP in invitations was created to help the host of the event to make logistical arrangements for the function. In other words, it helps the host to have an idea about the number of people who wish to attend the event and plan the food quantity, hall booking, etc.

RSVP Full Form – Additional Information

The French have always been considered very polished and well-mannered persons. They always have the habit of asking anything politely, with a “please” always in place. Thus, there are many phrases in French that have been copied for use in a daily language in English too.

What is Répondez S’il Vous Plait OR RSVP?

This is the phrase that one finds at the end of an invitation card. In English language, the literal meaning of the French phrase “répondez s’il vous plait” is “reply, if you please”. “Répondez” means reply and “s’il vous” means “if you” (the French use plural pronoun to show respect) and “plait” is, please. So when you need a confirmation to the invitation, you add this phrase at the end. This is just out of etiquette to request an acceptance or rejection of the invitation forwarded to the person.

The French being polite and etiquette bound people soon passed their style to their neighbors -the elite society of England. Hence, whenever the British wanted to host an event, they sent the invitations in advance with this phrase printed in its initialized form –RSVP and this is how it came into practice since then. After receiving an invitation with RSVP, it is a standard norm that the receiver should reply in affirmative or negative within one or two days of receiving the invitation. Otherwise, it is considered a rude gesture of neglect.

Why is it necessary to print RSVP?

In today’s world, it is very difficult to have a lavish function for middle-class people. And if they do plan on inviting many guests, then it is always better to have a clear picture about the actual turnout in order to plan the budget and menu. However, in the case of super-rich, the criterion may be different. Here they are not worried about the finances, but their guest list is in tune with their status and under such circumstances, to have a perfect number of guests attending the function makes sense so that the food, seating, and other arrangements can be arranged flawlessly. In both the cases, the bottom line is to have an idea about the near exact number of guests attending.


RSVP may be of different types. Some demand to know only if you are going to attend the function or not. This is mostly relevant in functions where the hosts are planning to buy some mementos for the guests and thus, wish to know the numbers. Other times there is RSVP for a number of members of the family invited that are expected to attend. This is for general dinner plans to ascertain the number of plates to be ordered in the buffet. However, when there is a choice of food, vegetarian / non-vegetarian, the host is keen on knowing the number in each category per family. In this case, it will be RSVP: V=…… and N/V=…….. The person receiving such invitation should promptly reply with the preferences so that the host has ample time to inform the caterer about the expected number of portions in each category.

Why is it necessary to respond?

As mentioned earlier, under the current situation of inflation and ever-rising expenses, it is quite difficult to host a decent event without wasting food or splurging money. However, we need to curb all this and as a preventive measure, such invitations with RSVP printed need to be sent. It is just not enough for the host to send such an invitation. It is an equal responsibility of the prospective guest to reciprocate and reply at the earliest. This not only shows good etiquette but also a genuine concern for the host.


A response, whether positive or negative, helps the host to plan the function properly and prepares him /her to receive the guests with a clear number in mind. Some invitation cards have a RSVP for regrets only. That is, you need to reply only if you are unable to attend the function. If you do not reply, it is taken for granted that your presence is expected. Another reason for wanting to know the expected number of guests is that you come to know what type of function that is going to turn out to be. Too many guests will make it a grand celebration, whereas limited number or a small number of guests will render it a close family affair.

How to respond to an invitation with RSVP?

If a person plans to attend the event on receiving an invitation with RVSP, the person must fill the card with adequate information on the number of members attending or any critical information like any allergies to some food, etc. On the other hand, if a person who receives an invitation with RVSP is unable to attend the event due to whatever reason, she or he is expected to include a note expressing regrets. Moreover, it is a simple courtesy to respond to someone who has been nice enough inviting you to the function.


Use of the phrase RSVP

Répondez s’il vous plait is the end phrase on many invitation cards. It requests to know the number of attendees at a function. Nonetheless, it is not limited to private functions only but is also used for diplomatic functions like banquets, etc. A diplomatic function is attended by many dignitaries and thus, when the guest list is prepared with all the VIP names, the reply to the invitation indicates who all are attending. It is important for security point of view as well as for making the seating arrangements at the banquet. A high profile function needs to have a lot of preparation and arrangements o be done. Hence, with a confirmed guest list after all the replies have come in, it is easier to make security, food, seating and other arrangements.


Instead of demanding an answer, it is a polite way to say that please reply if you feel like (mostly PLEASE DO REPLY). This gives a sort of “importance” to the prospective guest, with a sense that his presence is a matter of concern to the host. This surely is a “feel good” thing. On the other hand, one can say that the host also treats the guest with respect and indicates that the guest’s presence would certainly delight him. In short, this simple phrase creates an air if mutual respect between the host and the guest.


Final note on the phrase

When you decide to invite someone, it is always better to confirm if that person has reciprocated by accepting the invitation. This not only tells the host about the number of people who wish to grace the function but also gives an indication that the invitation that you so dearly sent has been received by the person.


If you do not get a response, it means either that invitation has not reached the desired destination or that the person is not interested in attending or chooses to ignore the invite. Any which way, it is outrightly rude not to take cognizance of someone’s effort of reaching out to you through the medium of that invitation.


It is not necessary that the host demands a positive reply only. Sometimes, it may be not possible for you to accept the invitation for reasons beyond your control. However, one should exhibit that decency and inform yes/no to the one who invites. They say, “Manners maketh man”, so a few tips on etiquette from the French will certainly not be a bad idea after all.


RSVP Full Form: Rapid Serial Visual Presentation

RSVP full form name is  Rapid Serial Visual Presentation. It is a method in which visual items either text or images are displayed continuously at the rate of about 10 items per second. Typically, the text or the image will be displayed at the same location. RSVP is generally used to improve visual attention. It is also used in the research fields of dyslexia, visual impairment, cognitive psychology, perceptual psychology, etc. RSVP software is available in different languages which can work on multiple platforms.


Full Form of RSVP: Rare Symmetry Violating Processes

RSVP Full Form refers to Rare Symmetry Violating Processes. It was a project in particle physics which intended to study the relationship between electron and muon. It also aimed to study the differences between matter and antimatter. National Science Foundation planned to augment the facilities at the Brookhaven National Laboratory and use the particle accelerator Alternating Gradient Synchrotron for this project. The budget allocated for the project was 145 million dollars. However, National Science Foundation terminated this project in 2005 due to the increased operating and construction costs.


Full Form of RSVP: Resource Reservation Protocol

RSVP Full Form stands for Resource Reservation Protocol. It is a transport layer communications protocol used to reserve some of the resources of networks for obtaining integrated services. It operates on Internet Protocol version 4 (shortly IPv4), Internet Protocol version 6 (shortly IPv6) and provides resource reservations for unicast or multicast data flows. RSVP is similar to ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) or IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) but will not transport any application data. It is widely used to deliver QoS (Quality of Service) for application data flows. However, RSVP by itself is not preferred in the recent past. RSVP-TE (Resource Reservation Protocol-Traffic Engineering) is the widely used QoS-oriented network today.


RSVP Full Form: Retired Senior Volunteer Program

RSVP full form name is Retired Senior Volunteer Program. It is a kind of network which comprises of people over 55 years of age who voluntarily involve in community services. The volunteers of this program share their skills, abilities, and experiences which will help other members of the network. It also provides opportunities for the members to learn new things in life. The volunteers can choose how much time they can spend on the community services, where they want to serve, what kind of work they can do etc. They can tutor children, mentor disabled youth, renovate homes of the needy, teach the English language to immigrants, assist disaster victims, etc… RSVP volunteers normally don’t receive any monetary benefits, but if there is any cost involved in their services that will be reimbursed.


RSVP Ka full Form – Red Sandstone Varied Productions

Red Sandstone Varied Productions is a performance arts organization founded in 2006 and has its headquarters in County Cork in Ireland. This company is specialized in public arts participation, promenade events, theater specific events etc. The Haunted History Tour, which was the first such production, ran for four months. This company created public arts in many festivals throughout Australia and Britain.


Full Form of RSVP – Regional Smoking Vehicle Program

It is a program which helps the vehicle owners to control excessive smoke and thereby protect the environment. RSVP basically informs the vehicle owners when their vehicles emit smoke for more than 10 consecutive seconds or the suspended smoke doesn’t dissipate in 10 seconds. This program is mainly implemented in Texas State of the United States of America.


RSVP Full Form – Resolve to Stop Violence Project

It is a collaborative project initiated by San Francisco Sheriff’s Department and Community Works in 1997. The objective of the project is to prevent violence and help all those who are victims of crime. It empowers victims and their family members to restore themselves and holds the offenders accountable for the violence committed by them. RSVP has become successful in reducing the crime and violence rate in San Francisco, CA. It has received many awards and honors including the 2004 Innovations award from the American Government.

RSVP Full Meaning – Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary, Pronunciation

It is a book authored by Norman Lewis, a popular grammarian, and lexicographer. This book is helpful for improving English language skills. It covers nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs in a detailed manner and you will understand how to use them properly while speaking or writing.


Popular Full Form of RSVP :

RSVP Full Form                                                                                   Field of Application

Respondez Sil Vous Plait (French)                                                  Invitation

Revised Standard Version Please                                                  Academia

Raising Student Voice and Participation                                    Academia

Recreational, Social, Vocational, and Peer                                Academia

Reading, Study, and Vocabulary Program                                 Academia

Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation                  Academia

Resources for St. Vital Parents                                                   Academia

Rice Student Volunteer Program                                                Academia

Responsible Student Volunteer Program                                  Academia

Register Students Via Phone                                                     Academia

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program                                 Academia

Resolve to Stop the Violence Project                                      Legal

Rubber Stamp Vendors Promise                                                            Business

Rapid Serial Visual Presentation                                                             Media

Real Solutions For Video Projects                                           Media

Reserved Seating & Valet Parking                                           Arts

Resource Reservation Protocol                                             Networking

Revitalization Shoreline Vegetation Project                      Environment

Reports Scenario Verification Program                              Military

Respond Soon Via Phone                                                      Internet Chat Rooms

Refund Support Vocations Program                                     Internet Chat Rooms

Respond to Sender Very Promptly                                           Internet Chat Rooms

Responding Seems Very Pitiful                                                  Internet Chat Rooms

Rice & Stew Very Plenty                                                              Funny Expansion

Remember Sza Vedding Presents                                            Funny Expansion

Retarded Student Voluntary Program                                    Funny Expansion

Rare Songs Very Personal                                                            Funny Expansion

Really Stupid Viral Protection                                                      Funny Expansion

Return Soon Via Phone                                                                 Funny Expansion

Reserved for Special Valuable Person                                     Funny Expansion

Really Strange Verified DogPeople                                           Funny Expansion


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