What is the full form of SSB

Full Form of SSB : Service Selection Board

SSB Full Form is Service Selection Board. This refers to the series of interviews and tests a candidate goes through in order to be selected into the Indian Armed Force. The tests comprise of screening test, psychological test, interviews, and group testing officers or GTO test. The SSB basically analyses the compatibility and potential of candidates for commissioning into the Armed Force. In the armed forces in India, the commissioning of candidates as an officer can be done using numerous ways.

The commissioning is applicable not only for serving personnel but also for civilians. No matter the mode of usage, the SSB is an essential step that must be cleared by all, the only exception being the army medical corps. The assessor provides encouragement to appear for SSB multiple times since the number of attempts is not limited.


For gauging the potential of a candidate as an officer in the Military of India, a personalized quiz is conducted in the interview exercise. The main aim of this test is to choose those who have qualities like that of an officer. The selection process extends to 5 days. The screening test takes place on the 1st day. On 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th day, the candidates are engaged in the psychological test, group tasks and results respectively. During the second, third or fourth day, the interview is conducted in the evening hours. The officer like qualities desired in the candidates by the SSB includes fast decision-making speed, compassion, self-confidence, determination, organizational skills, loyalty towards the country, courage, etc.


Screening Test

The first day of the selection process involves the screening test. A test is taken to evaluate the intelligence of the candidates. The test that follows the intelligence test is called the picture perception test. In this, the slide is shown to the candidates for thirty seconds. After observing it, he or she needs to mark the characters in the box present in the answer sheet given to them. Firstly, the character’s mood is determined by the candidates, followed by their sex and approximate age. The central character, which is the character first seen, is also identified. Its details must also be encircled, which helps the assessor in determining the character chosen by the candidate as the story’s main character.


After this, a story is written by the candidate, and the time duration for the same is four minutes. The number of words of this story must be more than seventy. After the written portion, the candidates then participate in group discussion. Each one is required to narrate his or her story to the other candidates of the group, and the time duration given for the same is one minute. If the narration of the story extends beyond one minute, the next candidate is given the chance to continue the story. After the tests are over, the results are declared. A detailed assignment follows the test for the selected candidates, the duration of which is four days.


Psychology tests

The candidates give the psychology exams during the second day of the selection process. The following two examinations are conducted:


TAT – Thematic Apperception Test

The TAT or Thematic Apperception Test involves the displaying of clear pictures. The candidates are required to write a story about these pictures. The time duration of this test is 4 minutes. They view twelve slides in total. For all tests on the 2nd day, a single answer booklet will be provided. The candidates are not given any supplementary sheet. The blank side given on the 12th page is utilized for writing the story.


WAT – Word Association Test

The second test is WAT or Word Association Test. In this test, a word is shown on the screen to the candidates for fifteen seconds. During this period, the candidate must write any thoughts related to that word that occurs in his or her mind. In total, sixty words are shown. Every candidate is provided one answer sheet only; hence, there must not be any scribbling or cutting.  The answer booklet does not have any blank side. The words shown on the slide are simple. One thing which the candidates must keep in mind is that this test is not used for determining the English proficiency. He or she can skip a word if its meaning is not known.


GTO Tasks and Conference

In the third and the fourth day of the SSB selection process, the candidates are exposed to the GTO tasks. This category conducts tests like planning exercise, also referred to as the military planning exercise, group discussion, half-group tasks, obstacle race, personal obstacles, lectures, command task and final group task. The result is declared on the fifth day. In the conference, the candidates appear before the entire Examiners’ Board, which include all GTOs, psychologists, President, Technical Officers and Deputy President. The declaration takes place when the candidates’ board meeting is over. The candidates that are selected by the board undergo the medical tests. These tests take three to five days.

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