Top 20 Music Festivals in India

Is there anything good music can’t solve? I doubt there is. Whether you enjoy electro waves or just soothing classical music or something that falls in between, we have it all. over the years, the number of music festivals Being held all over the country is on a spree faster and more fun. So here is our list Top 20 Music Festivals in India.

1. Chambai Music Festival

Perhaps the most famous music festival in South India, the Chembai Music Festival Hosts the largest gathering of musicians showcasing their magnificence in classical music especially in the style of traditional Carnatic music. The Chembai Music Festival, held every year at the divine abode of Guruvayurappan in Thrissur, is a tribute to Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar.

2. Zero Festival

Arunachal Pradesh, the former queen, has always stood apart. zero festival A four-day event to celebrate the local culture of the Apatani tribe living in the hills of Arunachal Pradesh and listen to Indie music along with the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of the East.

3. Freedom Jam

Ever wanted to jam without any interruptions? Then move to dream Bangalore or Meethi Pondy, because here you have the biggest opportunity to just make music. Every weekend the Palace Grounds at Bangalore Street hosts a gathering of musicians who love music for music’s sake. Or visit Puducherry over the Republic Day weekend and you can enjoy both the freedom of music and the sandy beaches with the annual Pondi. freedom jam, You never know when the musician in you will shine.

4. Rajasthan International Folk Festival

Rajasthan is known for its glory and what can be more fun than celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the land of kings and nobles. Mehrangarh Fort lights up every year in the month of October and focuses especially Rajasthan International Folk Festival, The fort ambience and internationally acclaimed artistes add to the aura of the festival.

5. Mahendra Blues

Blues know how to rock the world and you will know that if you visit Mumbai it is definitely the place for hard rocking. Mind blowing heavy metal and electric guitar is for that more mysterious music lover. In 2017, the blues is returning with veterans such as Billy F. Gibbons and Eric Gales, Geneva Magness, Quinn Sullivan, Shemekia Copeland, and the Grainne Duffy Band. What’s more, this year the Blues are ‘out to seek young talent’ withMahindra Blues Band Hunt 2017,

6. Tornado Bangalore

Coorg is bringing in its new year with a bangStorm, Every year, Toofan blows people away with its mind-blowing music and what makes it more special is the unique theme it adopts every year. Pack healthy for this camping experience; Once in a lifetime event.

7. NH7 Weekender

OML Entertainment sure knows how to have a blast. October to December every year NH7 Weekender Enjoy music from legends such as AR Rahman, Jose Gonzalez, Mark Ronson, Mogwai, The Wailers, Flying Lotus, Steven Wilson, Imogen Heap, The Vaccines, Megadeth and many more. The festival travels around major cities spreading the love of music.

8. Tomorrowland

If you haven’t already booked your tickets then I’m sorry guys, because Tomorrowland 2K17 is already sold out and that too in record time. tomorrowland They united in Hyderabad last year as an attempt to expand the scope of live music in India and so far, they have been successful. This electronic music festival inspires one into a frenzy with music that unites with the soul.

9. Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Festival

If you want to enjoy the classical sounds of India, then what other option do you have than to visit Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Festival In Pune? As the name suggests the stage is graced by the vocal elegance of those stalwarts in Indian classical music and please gear up for this three day music festival which is usually held in the first week of December every year.

10. Surya Music Festival

motivational theme music of sun festival The music itself is a testimony to its quality. Not to forget the Sun Festival which is usually held at AKG Hall in Thiruvananthapuram. If yours is filled with music, a dance performance by some of the dignitaries is a welcome change. Enjoy some classical acts at Surya Music Festival.

11. Sunburn Festival

Let go with the banging power of electro music and crazy dancing in Sunburn Festival, Usually held in the party capital of India, the venue and dates vary. Sunburn Festival is sponsored by corporate giants like Kingfisher and Carlsberg Organizing this electro dance and music fest since nine years And still going on.

12. Tyagaraja Aradhana

Tyagaraja The divine musician and poet is worshiped at Thiruvaiyaru for the past 171 years. It is no wonder that musicians from all over the world come to Tamil Nadu to pay their respects to this great master. If you enjoy more calm and peaceful music that has the ability to soothe your senses, then visit Thiruvaiyaru in the month of January.

13. Magnetic field

If that’s what you’re thinking, head to Shekhawati in December and you’ll know why this three-day music and dance festival will draw you to its core like a magnet. Take a break from the music at dawn and indulge in some kite flying, exotic dancing and other festivities Magnetic Field,

14. Carnatic Music Festival

Popularly known as Margazi, it is guaranteed that you will be engrossed in the vocal elegance of the most beautiful talent of the country Carnatic Music, The Chennai Music Season is held during the months of December to January, when the city becomes a bit cooler. The places are known as sabha which is organized all over the region and if you have the program then you can enjoy the ragas as per your taste.

15. Octave

Despite being a pioneer in imparting knowledge about the Carnatic music tradition octave The School of Music never fails to organize a 13-day music festival and is graced by respected musicians from all over. Clear your calendar for the first 13 days of the new year and head to Ahmedabad to indulge in the passion of classical music.

16. Spirituality

India has always been one to celebrate diversity whether it is in its culture or antiquity or language. Then, why keep music separate? Ruhaniyat Music Festival Celebrates the mysticism of Sufism and its ethereal aura that captures your senses. Being organized across major cities of the country including Bangalore, Delhi and Pune, prepare to transport yourself to a long gone era.

17. Bhumi Jatre

Now festival of fireflies The ambience is most unique as its venue is under the sanctity of Peepal tree surrounded by a lake. Nature reigns here in all its purity, away from all the hustle and bustle of nature. Walk back to the heart of nature and its spirit. Bhoomi Jatre Festival Its not all about music but it sends a message through music when things were less complicated; When man and nature lived together.

18. Dover Lane Music Conference

Calcutta comes alive with a festival of Carnatic music every year Dover Lane Music Conference, Although it was initially held at Dover Lane, it is now hosted at the Nazrul Manch, but the name has stuck. Calcutta welcomes the new year with partisans singing traditional Indian classical music.

19. Monte Music Festival

celebrate difference and celebrate life Monte Music Festival In the party capital of India. Not much to say about a party in Goa as it will have all the crazy elements. What sets Monte apart is its fusion theme music conclave, which showcases a unique mix of classical and western music.

20. Mood Indigo

Get ready to enjoy a festival of unlimited fun and music with the maestro performing at the pro nights or pre-shows and take home tons of prizes too. It’s not about the prize, it’s about opening the door wide mood indigo Opens for young talents who can showcase their talent in individual and group items. MI is organized every year in the month of December. If you are a diamond in the rough, MI opens the door for you to shine and be valuable.

So look, we told you we have something for all of you and after reading this you will surely know why. Just choose your flavor and pack this year to enjoy your Favorite Music ’24/7′.

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