TVS Full Form

What is the full form of TVS?

TVS Full Form : Thirukkurungudi  Vengaram  Sundram

Today we are discussing about the complete TVS Full  form Name, in which you will get the information about who owns the TVS company. What country company is TVS? so let’s learn

The full form of TVS is Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram, TVS is one of the largest manufacturers of motor vehicles, mopeds and automatic rickshaws in India.

TVS is based in Chennai and is also registered with NSE and BSE. TVS Iyengar operated a bus service in Madurai city in 1911. Sundaram Iyengar and Sons Limited started.

It operated a large number of buses and trucks under the name Southern Roadways Limited, later TVS Motor Company Limited was registered in 1978 for the production and sale of motorcycles, scooters and tricycles in India.

Complete TVS History : Full Form of TVS

Why do you need to know the TVS Full form?

Mr. TVS TV Sundaram was created by Iyengar. The first bus service was started in Delhi in 1911 and in the name of Southern Roadways Limited, a television company in the business with large trucks and buses and transportation. Sundaram Iyengar and Sons Limited was established. He operated many buses and lullabies on behalf of Southern Roadways Limited.

TVS and Suzuki 19 have worked together for a year to further improve the bike’s design and build.

In 1955 Mr. T.V. Sundram. After his death, his sons operated the company and oriented it towards the automotive sector. Some of the core functions of TVS company include finance, insurance, two-wheeler, vehicle insurance, three-wheelers, tires & components, housing, aviation, logistics, etc.


However, later, the name TVS Motor Company Limited was registered in 1978 for the creation and sale of bicycles and tricycles in India.


You may have felt a bit strange listening to the full form of TVS because its full form is meaningless. Thirukkurangudi Vengaram Sundaram is the one who formed TVS company.


Friends, named this company TVS by the abbreviation of its name. As you know, TVS is one of the third largest motorcycle TVS manufacturing plants in India. And the two wheeler annual sales of this company is more than 3 million units.

TVS Motor is India’s second largest two-wheeler company exporting overseas. With this, TVS is among the top ten companies in the world exporting to more than 60 countries.

TVS currently exports vehicles to India, China, Pakistan, Arab countries, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, etc.

TVS has always been dedicated to innovative, user-friendly and environmentally friendly engine designs. According to 2018 data, more than 33 million customers have bought TVS vehicles, this shows people’s trust towards TVS.

TVS Motor Company, the flagship company of the TVS Group, the company manufactures a wide range of racing motorcycles from mopeds.

The company also manufactures three-wheelers. The company’s annual production capacity is 4 million 2-wheel and 120,000 3-wheel.

It is one of the leading two and three wheelers in India. The company has plants located in Hosur in Tamil Nadu, Mysore in Karnataka and Nalagarh in Himachal Pradesh. It has a manufacturing unit located in Karwang in Indonesia.

In 1979, TVS Group Company Sundaram-Clayton Limited started a moped division in Hosur to manufacture TVS 50 mopeds. In 1982, the company entered into a technical knowledge and support agreement with Suzuki Motor Company Limited of Japan and in the In 1985 they began to manufacture critical engines and transmission parts. Incorporation of a new company Laxmi Auto Components Private Limited.

In 1986, the company acquired the moped division assets of Sundaram Clayton Ltd. In addition, the company name was changed from Indo Suzuki Motorcycle Ltd. to TVS Suzuki Ltd.

In 1992, they promoted two methods of the bike, that is, Samurai and Shogun and in 1993, they launched TVS Scooty, for your knowledge.

I would like to tell you that during the year 1999-2000, TVS Suzuki Limited got Sundaram Tow Engineers Ltd to disband. Which was a non-listed group company, incorporated in 1992.

In accordance with the plan, all assets and liabilities of past TVS Suzuki Limited, together with all unforeseen liabilities and liabilities, were transferred to Sundaram Auto Engineers (India) Limited from April 22, 1999. The merged entity was renamed TVS Suzuki Limited.

TVS Group and Suzuki Motor Corporation withdrew from their 15-year joint effort on September 27, 2001, the stake held by Suzuki Motor Corporation was taken over by Anusha Investments, wholly owned by Sundaram-Clinton Limited. 9 crore Rs.

In this way, the organization became a subsidiary of Sundaram-Clayton Limited from November 15, 2001, since Suzuki Motor Corporation has become an investor in the organization, the organization has no authority to use the ‘word’ Suzuki ‘as an important aspect of its name.

Consequently, the organization’s name was changed to TVS Motor Company Ltd.

During 2002-03, the upgraded version of the new stylish Scooty Pep and Fiero televisions was released.

On April 1, 2003, the subsidiary organization, Lakshmi Auto Components Limited, obtained the entire established capital of Sundaram Auto Components Limited, subsequently, Sundaram Auto Components Limited became a subsidiary as of April 1, 2003.

In October 2003, the organization initiated an action plan with Lakshmi Auto Components Limited and Sundaram Auto Components Limited. Under this plan, all assets and liabilities of Lakshmi Auto Components Limited’s rubber and plastic businesses were transferred to Sundaram Auto Components.

TVS Market

You will know the TVS market very well. TVS has a lot of dominance in today’s market.

TVS Motor Company is known as the third largest two wheeler manufacturer in India. TVS Group deals with the automotive, aviation, education, electronics, energy, finance, housing, insurance, investment, logistics, services, and many more industries.

There are a total of more than 90 companies in the TVS group, which are specializing in various fields in this company. TVS Motor Company has an annual manufacturing capacity of 4 million two-wheelers and 120,000 three-wheelers.

TVS received awards

Find out what awards TVS has received, TVS has been named the most awarded 2-wheeler manufacturer by the NDTV awards for cars and bicycles. It is awarded the # 1 bike for quality at the JD Power Asia Pacific India Automotive Awards.


TVS Full Form : Transvaginal ultrasound

Transvaginal ultrasound is a test used to view a woman’s uterus, ovaries, tubes, cervix, and pelvic area. Transvaginal means to go through or traverse the vagina. The ultrasound probe is placed inside the vagina during the test.

How is the test performed?

The woman doing the ultrasound will lie on her back on the table. Your feet may be braced with stirrups.

An ultrasound technician or doctor inserts an instrument into the vagina during the examination. It may be a bit uncomfortable, but it won’t hurt. The tube is covered with a condom and gel.

This probe transmits sound waves and records the reflections of those waves in body structures. The ultrasound machine creates a picture of the part of the body.

The image is displayed on the ultrasound machine. In many offices, the patient can also view the image.

The provider will gently move the tube around the area to view the pelvic organs.

In some cases, a special transvaginal ultrasound method called saline infusion ultrasound (SIS) may be needed to see the uterus more clearly.

How to prepare for the test

You will be asked to take off your clothes during the ultrasound, usually from the waist down. A transvaginal ultrasound is done with an empty or partially full bladder.

How the test will feel

In most cases, there is no pain. Some women may feel mild discomfort from the pressure of the tube. Only a small part of the tube is placed in the vagina.

Why the test is done

A transvaginal ultrasound may be done for the following problems:

Abnormal findings on physical exam, such as cysts, fibroid tumors, or other growths

Abnormal vaginal bleeding and menstrual problems.

Certain types of infertility

Ectopic pregnancy

Pelvic pain

This ultrasound is also used during pregnancy.

Normal results

The pelvic structures or the fetus are normal.

What abnormal results mean

An abnormal result can be due to many conditions. Some problems that can be seen include:

Birth defects

Cancers of the ovaries, uterus, vagina, and other pelvic structures

Infection, including pelvic inflammatory disease

Benign growths (such as cysts or fibroids) in or around the uterus and ovaries


Pregnancy outside the uterus (ectopic pregnancy)

Torsion of the ovaries


There are no known harmful effects of transvaginal ultrasound in humans. Unlike traditional X-rays, there is no radiation or any other type of exposure with this test.

Alternative TVS Full names

Endovaginal ultrasound; Ultrasound – transvaginal; Fibroids: transvaginal ultrasound; Vaginal bleeding: transvaginal ultrasound; Uterine bleeding – transvaginal ultrasound; Menstrual bleeding: transvaginal ultrasound; Infertility: transvaginal ultrasound; Ovary – transvaginal ultrasound; Abscess – transvaginal ultrasound


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