VIP Full Form : What is the VIP Meaning

VIP Full Form is a Very Important Person. VIP refers to an individual who has earned special privileges because of his importance in profession or status in society. Examples of VIPs include heads of state, major employers, politicians, heads of government, and notable persons who gain special attention for other reasons in society. Most often, VIP enjoys a higher level of treatment when compared to common people. All services and comforts are higher for a VIP than for common people. Even tickets in programs are termed as VIP tickets, to represent ‘premium’ tickets. There is a term called ‘VIP syndrome’. This is when a VIP uses her or his status to influence or make unwarranted decisions.

VIP Full Form : Very Important Person

VIPs, as mentioned before, possess high social or economic status. The term is associated with an individual personality, who holds exemplary social or economic status and is accorded with certain special privileges. He or she is one person who is very important to everywhere he or she goes. These individuals are fundamental to the organization to which they belong or have made an important contribution in any or many of the important sectors. Such an individual can be anyone such as a politician, a businessman, or even a monk. It all depends on the status accorded to the individual by the government and the society, nationally or internationally. Hereunder the following heads, some interesting aspects of a VIP are dealt with.

What is a VIP?

In the introductory paragraphs, a general description of a VIP was given. Under this head, an elaborate explanation shall be given to the term. A VIP is that individual who is granted privileges because of his or her importance or status. Such VIPs, as mentioned before, include celebrities, heads of government, politicians, corporate magnates, etc. Such individuals due to their status receive special treatment. Such special treatment, as the name suggests, is given only and only to a VIP, not common people,

Special treatment may involve separation from the general public, or a better level of infrastructural facilities, or comfort. In a few cases, such as those relating to tickets, for instance, VIP refers to mean premium. These VIP tickets are open for the general public to purchase but the purchaser shall be subjected to a differential but better treatment as compared to others. Such tickets, however, are very expensive.

VIP syndrome

This is one interesting thing associated with VIP: a syndrome. A VIP syndrome is actually perceived when VIP individuals use their importance or status to influence entities or professionals to undertake specific decisions under their pressure. This phenomenon is very common and can occur in professional relationships with famous, powerful, and wealthy clients. This syndrome is commonly found in airlines and medical professionals. One such example that could be given is the 2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash in which case VIP syndrome made a major case.

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