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Full Form of WHO: World Health Organization

WHO Full Form is World Health Organization. WHO is an international organization or agency that is mainly concerned with the matter of public health across the world. This extremely specialized organization is under the administration of United Nations (UN).


Formed and introduced in 1948, WHO is headquartered at Geneva. But it has six regional offices, throughout the world, one each for the countries of America, Africa, Western Pacific, Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, and South – East Asia.


WHO is an important and major member of the Development Group of the United Nations. Accessing and monitoring data on health issues, setting standards for public health, implementing various norms, allotment of technical support, enhancement of organizational capacity, spreading information and knowledge about public health, taking necessary steps for resolving health issues — these are the primary functions of WHO. WHO also monitors food safety and gives heavy emphasis on the eradication of both communicable and non – communicable diseases.


It also provides guidelines for a healthy lifestyle, measurements for road safety and support for emergency situations. WHO spreads awareness about health through public campaigns as well as through World Health Report. One of the biggest achievements of WHO is its success in the eradication of a heavily infectious disease called smallpox. WHO is currently focused on eradicating or preventing many communicable diseases like Ebola and HIV-AIDS. WHO sponsors and organizes World Health Day on 7th April of every year to spread awareness about health-related topics.


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What is Full Form of WHO?

What is WHO Full Form?

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What is WHO Full Name?

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What is WHO abbreviation?

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