What is Wipro Full Form

WIPRO Full Form is Western India Products Ltd. Wipro is a global IT company that also offers outsourcing and consulting services. It has a workforce of over 160,000 and clients from over 175 cities across the globe. The company had revenues that touched $7.6 billion in the financial year of Mar 31, 2015. Mohammed Premji established Wipro in 1945. In the beginning, it was called the Western India Vegetable Products Ltd., which was then the abbreviation of Wipro.

Full Form of WIPRO : Western India Products

Initially, Wipro only manufactured refined oils and vegetables in Mumbai. Some of the products were trade named as Sunflower, Kisan, and Camel. The logo of sunflower still holds good as a unique representation of Wipro products. It was between 1970 and 1980 that Wipro shifted its focus into computer and IT industries. The company was renamed as Wipro Ltd. Today, every Wipro product has adherence to the Six Sigma quality standards.

WIPRO Full Form – Additional Information

Wipro Ltd is a leading company in India that provides the services related to information technology.  Its head office can be found in Bangalore. This company demerged its business that does not come under the information technology sector in the year 2013. This was done to increase its focus on several independent businesses. The main services provided by it include information technology services, business consulting and digital strategy. Mohamed Premji founded this company in Mumbai in the year 1945.

The revenue of Wipro during the year 2015 was seven billion dollars. Its operating income and profit during the same year amounted to one billion and two billion dollars respectively. The total worth of its total assets and equity are ten billion dollars and seven billion dollars respectively.


The international company Wipro Ltd is leading provider of comprehensive services and solutions. These solutions and services consist of information technology-enabled services, consulting, development and research services, outsourcing and integration of systems. The company is also engaged in reselling network solutions, notebooks, desktops, packaged software, storage products, and servers. In the year 1981, this company ventured into the technology business. The number of people employed by it is more than one hundred and forty thousand. Its client base consists of clients from more than fifty nations. At the end of the year 2015, its revenue was eight billion dollars.

Wipro Lighting and Consumer Care

The WCCLG is a business segment of the main Wipro Company. Its operations are related to the sector of FMCG, and it deals with consumable commodities. Its establishment was done in the year 1945. The 1st product of this segment was vegetal oil. In the later years, the brand name under which the same was sold was Sunflower Vanaspati.

There are certain other products that are sold by it, which comes under the category of personal care. This includes Chandrika and Santoor, which are toilet soaps; Safe wash and Baby Soft. Numerous lighting products are also sold by it, which includes emergency lights, LED, and CFL. WCCLG has grown considerably in the sector of FMCG through the various acquisitions done by the company.

WIE Full Form – Wipro Infrastructure Engineering

The division of the company Wipro Ltd dealing with the hydraulic business is referred to as the WIE or Wipro Infrastructure Engineering. The business areas of this division consist of the manufacturing of truck cylinders, and hydraulic cylinders, along with their solutions and components. This division is functional since the year 1976. Its customer base includes the global OEMs.

In India, the range of hydraulic solutions and components represented by it includes Teikin Seiki, Sun Hydraulics, and Kawasaki.  Recently, it has formed a partnership with Kawasaki, which has proven to be extremely beneficial for this division. It has now become one of the biggest and independent makers of hydraulic cylinders throughout the globe.

Wipro GE Medical Systems

The joint venture formed between the GE Healthcare and Wipro has led to the formation of Wipro GE Medical Systems Ltd. It is engaged in the healthcare sector and is involved in the development and research of the advanced solutions. It does this for catering to the requirements of its customers and patients. This partnership was formed in the year 1990. It now sells equipment and gadgets used for diagnosing diseases. It also deals with the healthcare information technology services and solutions for aiding the professionals of the healthcare sector in combating ailments like heart disease and cancer. All its products adhere to the quality standards.


The main focus of the Wipro Cares lies in important issues of development that are encountered by the community like disabilities, education, healthcare, and environment. The Wipro Care is basically a trust established by the company. In 2003, it was formed for working with communities that are proximate to the operations’ centre of Wipro. It is engaged in nearly sixteen projects all over India. Its health care projects are being executed in four states. It provides the services of primary health care to nearly seventy-five thousand people in more than fifty villages.

There are five projects related to education that being executed in 5 cities. Nearly forty-seven thousand children are benefiting from them. The social forestry project has led to the plantation of over 1 lakh trees. These have also given livelihood to more than eighty farmers. The trust is also engaged in the projects related to disaster rehabilitation.

These projects have helped in rebuilding the people’s lives, especially of those who were affected by the Uttarakhand floods, Hurricane Sandy, Bihar floods, Odessa floods, Philippines cyclones, etc. One of the essential parts of this trust is employee engagement. In this, the employees are encouraged in volunteering with the company’s partners.

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